Card loss

Blocking your Reka-Card

Lost your card?
Please immediately register loss of your Reka-Card so that you receive a replacement card within three to four working days.

By phone
Please immediately register the loss with our customer service on +41 31 329 66 00 (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm).

Outside these times a blocking order can be left on the answering machine. You must provide the following details:
  • Your first name and surname
  • Your telephone number
  • Your Reka account number or the Reka-Card number
  • Your RekaNet User ID
You should also indicate that you want the Reka-Card to be blocked.

A blocking order given by telephone is only legally enforceable if all the above-mentioned required information is complete and accurate.


You can easily block your Reka-Card yourself using your personal login data on the RekaNet.
Select your card under “My Reka-Cardsˮ and click on “Blockˮ.



How long will delivery of my replacement card be?
As a rule, you will receive a replacement card within three to four working days.

How much will blocking my Reka-Card cost?
Blocking the card is free of charge. However, if you apply for a new Reka-Card, this will cost you CHF 12.–. These expenses are automatically charged to your account. You can find all detailed information in our fees overview.

Can a card blockage be cancelled?

Blocking a card can be cancelled by our customer service. To this effect, please call or mail our service (+41 31 329 66 67) or ( Various security questions must be answered in case of cancellation of card blockage.

Why is my Reka-Card blocked?
A card is blocked in two different cases.

Blockage in the case of erroneous PIN input
In this case, request a new PIN from our customer service, which will be sent to you by post. The new PIN will cost CHF 6.–.
When you have your PIN, you can have your card unblocked again via our customer service.

Blockage in case of loss of the card
If you apply for a new Reka-Card in the event of the loss of your card, this will cost CHF 12.– This fee will be automatically charged to your account.

You will find all details in our fees overview.