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Become an acceptance pointsBecome an acceptance points

Questions about registering as an acceptance location 

Who is authorised to accept Reka Money?

Companies operating in the areas of tourism, mobility, catering or leisure activities may accept Reka Money. There are three different forms of Reka Money, each used for a different segment: Reka-Checks for holidays & leisure, Reka-Lunch for catering and Reka-Rail for public transport.

How does a business become a Reka Money acceptance point?

Your business can register as an acceptance point online in just a few easy steps. Registration

How much does it cost to become an acceptance point?

Registration is free. A commission is charged per transaction. The commission is 3% for Reka-Checks and Reka Rail and 2.5% for Reka-Lunch. This includes promotional activities through our channels.

General questions</span><span> General questions 

Is the listing in the online directory on subject to a fee?

No, this is free. All acceptance points can be found in a map view using search and filter. 

What can I do to make customers aware that they can pay with Reka Money?

Display a Reka sticker at the entrance door or checkout where customers can clearly see it, for example. You can order Reka stickers in the customer portal under “Material”. 

How do I find out which other acceptance points are nearby? 

Here you can filter and search for all acceptance points.

How can I make changes in my company information (e.g. change of address)?

You can either do it yourself in the customer portal or inform us of the change by sending an e-mail to

The different forms of Reka MoneyThe different forms of Reka Money

Questions about the different forms of Reka Money

Do I have to accept both Reka-Checks and the Reka-Card or can I choose?

Reka-Checks and Reka-Rail must both be accepted in digital and physical form. Reka-Lunch is only available through the Reka-Card.

How do the three forms of Reka Money (Check, Rail and Lunch) differ from one another?

The three forms of Reka Money are each used specifically in a different business segment:

-Reka-Check is for providers in the areas of tourism, leisure activities, gastronomy/catering and mobility (e.g. petrol stations, mountain railways, etc.).

-Reka-Lunch is used for all types of restaurant and catering services.

-Reka-Rail is used for public transport services.

As a catering establishment, can we choose whether to accept Reka-Check and/or Reka-Lunch?

Yes, you can accept either one or both forms of Reka Money. In order to make the best possible use of the potential for acquiring new customers, we recommend accepting payment by both Reka-Check and Reka-Lunch. 

Reka-Card and the card terminalReka-Card and the card terminal

Questions about Reka-Card and the card terminal

How long does it take after registering before Reka-Card is activated on the card terminal? 

This takes a maximum of ten working days.

How do I know whether Reka-Card has already been activated on the card terminal? 

You will receive confirmation from us by e-mail. Activation of Reka-Card cannot be done automatically on all terminals; some terminals require manual activation. In such a case you will be informed accordingly.

What should I do if the card terminal does not work and displays the error message “Card unknown”?

Send an e-mail describing the problem to

Do I have to notify you if I change my card terminal supplier?

Yes, please e-mail us at

If we have one or more new card terminals, do we have to register them with Reka?

Yes, please e-mail us at

By when must transactions be submitted from the card terminal to Reka?

The transactions must be submitted within 30 days.

The customer portal</span><span> The customer portal 

Questions about the customer portal 

When and how do I receive the login information?

You will receive your login user name and password by post after registering. If you forget your user name or password, click on “Forgot password” when logging in. We will send you new login information. 

I made a mistake online when generating the bordereau or receipt for submitting Reka-Checks. What should I do?

Just create a new one. 

Where can I find the receipts for submissions of Reka Money (for accounting purposes)?

You can find these in the customer portal under “Bordereau Archive”.

Handling of physical Reka-ChecksHandling of physical Reka-Checks

Handling of physical Reka-Checks

When accepting Reka-Checks, is it mandatory to give change in Swiss francs?

No, you are not obliged to give change in Swiss francs.

Should packets of Reka currency be opened when they are accepted as payment?

No, but you must verify that the packet is still intact and has not been previously opened. As there are different types of packaging with different denominations in circulation, please check the amount at the time of settlement. 

How do I exchange the Reka-Checks received for Swiss francs?

You must send us the Reka-Checks for reimbursement. All the materials required for submitting the Reka-Checks, such as special envelope for valuable consignments and bordereaus = are provided free of charge.

Is it necessary to fill in a delivery bordereau when submitting Reka-Checks? 

Yes, so that we know who submitted the checks and what amount you sent us. You can either fill out and print the consignment note online in the customer portal or fill out the delivery bordereau by hand and enclose it with the checks you submit for reimbursement. Important: A receipt must always be enclosed with the checks you send for reimbursement.

Where can I get the special envelopes for valuable consignments and delivery bordereaus for submitting Reka-Checks?

n the customer portal under “Order materials”, you can request that these items be sent to you.

Do submissions of Reka currency have to be sent by registered mail?

Consignments worth up to 500 Swiss francs must be sent by registered mail “R” (letter with proof of delivery). Please use our special envelopes for valuable consignments for this purpose. Consignments with a value from 1,010 to 10,000 Swiss francs can be handed over at selected post offices. Please only pack these consignments in one of our special money pouches, which are provided free of charge for this purpose. Please always retain the postal receipt or the return receipt showing the consignment number.

Reka-Check consignments with a value from 10,010 to 80,000 Swiss francs must be sent by SecurePost (phone no. 0848 73 28 73). These consignments will be picked up by SecurePost at your domicile and do not need postage. You can order the special pouches used for these consignments from SecurePost.

Reka-Check consignments worth over 80,000 Swiss francs must be divided up into two or more separate consignments, each of which is to be accompanied by its own bordereau.


Do all post offices accept consignments of valuables like this for Reka currency? 

No, but hereyou can see which post offices do.

Why is there a difference between the payment received in Swiss francs and the amount of our Reka-Check consignment?

The amount is never reimbursed on a one-to-one basis because the commission is deducted from the amount to be paid. Sometimes there is also a discrepancy between the amount declared and the amount of the checks actually returned. Please note that if you send Reka-Rail and Reka-Checks in the same consignment, you will receive two separate payouts.

Will I receive confirmation of receipt when the consignment arrives at Reka? 

The payment serves as your confirmation. Should we find any discrepancies, we will inform you in writing. 

There was a discrepancy with the last consignment. Will it be corrected?

We adjust for discrepancies automatically. You will be paid the amount that we have received in the form of checks. 

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