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How to get started 

Why is the date of birth a mandatory field when registering for the online account?

This enables the unique identification of the account holder.

Can I receive the monthly bill by post?

The monthly invoice will only be issued as a PDF in the customer portal.  You will be informed by email when it is sent.  Unfortunately, documents are no longer sent by post.

Where can I find the monthly invoice?

You will always be informed by email as soon as the monthly bill is at your disposal in the customer portal. You have the possibility of downloading the invoice and forwarding it internally as appropriate.

Whom should employees contact if they have a problem with the Reka-Card or their account?

The best thing for your employees to do is to send an e-mail to or fill out the contact form in the Help Centre at We will respond as soon as possible. The more precisely they describe the problem, the better we will be able to remedy it.

The different types of Reka Money 

How do the various types of Reka Money differ from one another?

There are three types of Reka Money. Reka-Lunch is used to pay for restaurant and catering services. Reka-Pay is used for leisure activities, holidays and mobility, and Reka-Rail for public transport services.

Can more than one type of Reka Money be offered as a fringe benefit?

Of course. You decide yourself how many different types of Reka Money you want to offer to employees at a reduced price. All three types of Reka Money are available on the Reka-Card simultaneously. When paying, the type of Reka Money to be used is selected on the payment terminal.

How can we offer employees an additional type of Reka Money at a reduced price?

In the customer portal you can modify fringe benefits at any time. If, for example, Reka-Pay is already available to employees at a reduced price, you can add Reka-Lunch. You can also stipulate the discount and the maximum entitlement per person in the customer portal. 

Reka-Rail does not appear as an option in the calculator. Is it no longer possible to offer this type of Reka Money as a fringe benefit?

Yes, it is still possible. Please contact us at

Fringe benefits and bonuses

How and when are the QR invoices for purchasing discounted Reka Money sent to employees? 

As soon as you have entered all the employee data in the customer portal and sent it to us, we will send out the QR invoice. It then takes about 14 days until the employees receive the pay-in slips with the digitally readable QR code.

How many times a year do employees receive a QR invoice for purchasing discounted Reka Money? 

Once a year.

When and how do employees receive the Reka-Card and the related PIN?

The first time an employee purchases Reka-Money using the payment slip, they receive the Reka-Card. It takes about five working days for the card and PIN to arrive. The card is ready for use immediately upon receipt.

How long does it generally take for Reka Money credit that has been loaded onto the employee’s Reka account to be available on the Reka-Card?

It takes about two to three working days.

How can I give an employee a bonus credit? And how long does it take for the credit to be transferred to the employee’s account?

You can use the "Bonus payment" function to credit your staff members with bonuses directly in the customer portal. The bonus credit will be available on the employee’s Reka account in about two to five working days.

Where can I see how many employees have already drawn their fringe benefit entitlement?

In the customer portal you will find an overview showing which employees have already drawn their entitlement and when.

Is the annual account maintenance fee charged even if no Reka Money is purchased? 

If an employee has a Reka account, i.e. has made at least one purchase at some point in time, you will be charged the account maintenance fees once a year – regardless of whether or not the employee draws their entitlement for the year in question.

The customer portal 

Are there instructions for the customer portal?

Yes. The various functions are explained at length in the detailed instructions for the Reka customer portal. You’ll also find answers to key questions in the Support section as well as a tutorial describing the customer portal’s most important functions.

Can I register an email address solely for invoices?

In the customer portal, next to Role under "Company profile",  you can also determine the type of email notification required. Please select the function "Invoices"  for the person concerned.

How can I make an event payment in the customer portal?

For special occasions, service jubilees, weddings or retirement, the function «Event payment» is at your disposal for one-off Reka-Card top-ups.

You can set up a standing order for repeated orders. 

Can several administrators be added to the company profile?

Yes. You have the possibility in the customer portal to register further administrators and assign authorizations. Super administrators have authorizations for all functions. Administrators cannot add admins, nor activate or modify new Reka Money forms.

Is it really necessary to include the employee’s AHV/AVS number in the employee data?

It is not mandatory but advantageous. It makes it easier for us to check whether any employees already have a Reka account from previous employment. AHV/AVS numbers are encrypted by us.

Tax and social insurance contributions

What is the maximum permissible amount of discount on Reka Money that does not have to be declared in salary statements?
  • Reka-Pay: Annual discounts of up to CHF 600 per person do not have to be declared in salary state-ments. Example: An entitlement of 3,000 Swiss francs per person purchasable at a 20 per cent discount represents a net discount of 600 Swiss francs.
  • Reka-Lunch: Allocations of Lunch-Checks up to the limit set by AHV/AVS (as of 1 January 2015: CHF 180 per month) are to be indicated in the salary statement by placing an “x” in field G.
  • Bonuses: Reka Money is considered a gift in kind and therefore does not have to be declared up to an amount of 500 Swiss francs per event (e.g. marriage, special service anniversary).
  • You can find details in the instructions for fill-ing out the salary statement.
If we pay a bonus in addition to the fringe benefit, does the sum of both amounts apply for payroll accounting purposes?

No. Fringe benefits and bonuses are treated separately in payroll accounting (see previous question).

What is the maximum amount that may be paid out annually as a bonus/gift?

Benefits under Art. 8 (c) of the Ordinance of 31 October 1947 on Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (Verordnung vom 31. Oktober 1947 über die Alters- und Hinterlassenenversicherung), such as gifts in kind for special events (e.g. marriage or birth of a child) and bonuses awarded as recognition for passing professional examinations, are exceptional in nature. They may not exceed a total value of 500 Swiss francs per year. This limit refers to the actual costs to the employer. The discount on Reka Money offered as a fringe benefit is treated differently (see separate margin no.). However, it is quite possible that there may be years in which regular payments in kind (margin no. 2071) and a gift in kind (margin no. 2158) are both made and are both excluded from salary, i.e. they can be cumulated.

Can different types of Reka money (Reka-Pay, Reka-Lunch and Reka-Rail) be cumulated? If so, what is the annual limit per person?

Yes, different types of Reka Money can be cumulated. For both Reka-Pay and Reka-Rail, the annual entitlement limit is a 600 Swiss franc discount per person and for Reka-Lunch it is a 2,160 Swiss franc discount per employee.

Registering and de-registering employees

How do I register a new employee so that he/she can receive Reka Money as a fringe benefit?

You can enter new employees directly in the customer portal.


Do new employees who take up employment during the year receive the entitlement for a whole year or is it calculated on a pro rata basis?

You as the employer can decide this yourself.

How can I de-register employees who leave the company in the Reka system so that they no longer receive QR invoices? 

You can do this yourself in the customer portal. 

What happens to an employee’s Reka account when he/she leaves the company?

The account remains active and the person can continue to use their Reka-Card. If the person's new employer does not offer Reka Money as a fringe benefit, he/she must pay the account management fee him/herself. We kindly ask you to hand over our leaflet to the relevant employees, thank you very much.

Does the person leaving have to be removed from the distribution list for fringe benefits immediately or at the end of the year?

You can make this change whenever you like. When you remove an employee from the list, you can decide whether the employee in question can still purchase Reka Money up until the end of the year or as of when a purchase is no longer possible and as of when they must pay the account management fee themselves. If you do not delete the employee, he/she will remain active in the system until the end of the entitlement year. After this, the change will be made automatically when the entitlement is renewed for the following year.

What happens to the account if there is no more credit on it? Does the former employee still have to pay an account management fee?

We will ask the person if they want to retain the account. If so, the account management fees must be paid regardless of whether the account has funds on it or not.

As the employer, will I be charged the account management fee if an employee does not use the card for an entire year and does not load any credit? 

If the account is still activated, then the annual account maintenance fees are charged. However, the fees for deposits are only charged if the employee actually pays in.

Are gifts/bonuses up to 500 Swiss francs exempt from social insurance contributions if they are given in cash? 

No, the granting of cash as a bonus or gift is not exempt from tax or social insurance contributions – only gifts in kind are exempt, which includes Reka money.

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