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The Reka-Card – general information

What is the Reka-Card? 

The Reka-Card is the electronic equivalent of the Reka-Check and works like a debit card (e.g. like the PostFinance or the Maestro cards). It is linked with your Reka account and can be used together with the card PIN directly for payments at payment terminals. Please do not confuse the Reka-Card with a gift card. Unlike a gift card, the Reka-Card has direct access to your account balance.

What are the advantages of the Reka-Card over the Reka-Check? 
  • The Reka-Card offers a greater degree of security.
  • If the card is lost, your credit balance is still available because the card can be blocked.
  • As a Reka-Cardholder you take advantage of various reductions.
  • With the Reka-Card you can pay to the nearest centime.
How do I get a Reka-Card? 

Many employers offer Reka-Money as a fringe benefit. Check whether yours does too. If you do not have the possibility to draw Reka Money via your employer, you can open a Reka account on, make a deposit and then your personal Reka-Card will be released.

If you are interested in the Reka-Card as a company, please contact our sales team on +41 31 329 66 77 or use the employer calculator to work out how much the sale of Reka-Money would cost.

How much does the Reka-Card cost? 

The annual fee is CHF 12.–. Often the employer offers to pay for the yearly fee. You can find out about all fees in our fees overview.

When is the annual fee charged? 

The card fee is always due in advance for the coming year and is charged for the first time when the account is opened. If the card fee is offered by the employer, the CHF 12.– fee debit is visible on the opening day in the Reka-Card account and the following day in the balance.

How can I, as the cardholder, pay into my Reka account? 

You have the following possibilities:

  • using your quota, which you receive from your employer, employer organization or association in the form of paying-in slips
  • using Reka-Checks, which you can send to us and with which we then credit your Reka account
  • via online banking with a discount

You will find detailed information about this in the Reka customer portal.

I’ve forgotten my PIN. What now? 

Please contact our customer service with our contact form or call +41 31 329 66 67. A new PIN will be issued for you. A CHF 6.– fee will be charged to cover this service and postage.

How can I modify my Reka-Card PIN? 

Please log in to the Reka customer portal and select the “Change PIN” function.

How can I check out my account balance? 

You can do this in the Reka customer portal at or via request by text message: Information about the SMS enquiries procedure.

How can I, as a cardholder, check out my last transactions? 

You can do this in the Reka customer portal at or via request by text message: Information about the SMS enquiries procedure.

Is my Reka-Card transferable? 

The Reka-Card is a debit card, which does not require an identity check when payments are made. Lending your Reka-Card to a third person is therefore at your own risk. The Reka declines any responsibility.

How can I load funds onto my card? 

Either you receive pay-in slips from your employer for your annual quota. These can also be found in your customer portal.  
Or, if you have paid in all your pay-in slips, you can add funds to your Reka account using an online banking transfer. You will get a 2% discount.  You will also find all relevant information in your customer portal. 

From January 2021, you can also top up your Reka-Card with a 3% discount at all Coop sales outlets.  This way you can re-load your Reka account quickly and easily. 

Premature card exchange

For technical reasons your current Reka-Card has to be replaced early. This is why you will be receiving a new card free of charge. Please use your new card immediately and destroy your old one. Your previous Personal Identification Number PIN remains valid.

Can I combine two Reka accounts? 

It is not possible to combine multiple Reka-Cards or accounts. A Reka account may only be held by a single natural person.

Additional Reka-Cards

What sort of additional cards are there? 

There are two types:

  • Junior Card
  • Partner Card
How does the additional card work? 

Additional cards have access to your Reka account like the main card. The Junior Card has a withdrawal limit of monthly CHF 200.–. The Partner Card, like your main card, has no withdrawal limit. Each additional card has its own PIN code, which can also be changed individually.

What does the additional card cost?

A yearly fee of CHF 6.– is charged for the additional card. This will be debited from the main cardholder’s Reka account. You can find out about all fees in the fees overview.

How can I obtain an additional card?

Junior and Partner cards can be applied for in our customer portal.

Replacement card

A fee is charged for a replacement card. You can find out about all fees in the fees overview.

Paying with the Reka-Card

Where can I pay with the Reka-Card? 

Under you will find a list of all Reka-Card acceptance points.

The Reka App has stopped working. 

The Reka-Guide App is no longer available. You can explore all of our acceptance points using our smartphone-compatible website, or simply log into your customer portal to view the account balance or past transactions. Just save the page you want on your smartphone – then you are also just a click away from the information you are looking for.

What can I pay with Reka Money?

Reka Money is an earmarked means of payment for services in the holidays and leisure sphere. Purchase of goods is only authorized in specific cases, for example when buying fuel. Purchase of other goods such as sports articles in a sports shop is not authorized. Rental equipment, however, may be paid with Reka Money.

Fill up your tank with the Reka-Card 

You can refuel to the nearest centime with the Reka-Card at AVIA, BP and Coop Pronto petrol stations. The petrol station may provisionally debit a reservation amount until final accounting of payments.

How does the Reka-Card payment take place?

Payment works in the same way as with the Maestro card. Depending on the card terminal model, contactless payment is also possible. In order to facilitate swift payment procedure for small amounts of up to CHF 40.–, entry of a PIN code is unnecessary for contactless payment.

Does the Reka-Card require a PIN code?

A PIN code is always required for contact-based payment with the Reka-Card (insertion of the Reka-Card into the payment terminal). However, the PIN is not required for contactless payments of small amounts of up to CHF 40.–.

Incorrect PIN entry. What now?

The card will be blocked after three incorrect, time-independent PIN entries. Please contact our Reka Money customer service with our our contact form or call +41 31 329 66 67.

How do I know whether a payment terminal has 
the contactless payment function?

Look out for the following symbol or ask at the sales point.

How secure is contactless payment?

For the following reasons, payment with the contactless function is secure:

  • The card never leaves your hand during the whole payment process.
  • Data transfer from the card chip to the card reader is only possible if you hold the card up close to the card reader.
  • You can only use the card for one transaction per contact with the card reader because the card’s security chip only ever generates a single, one-off code for each transaction. Multiple use of this code or an incorrect code will be immediately identified.
  • For amounts of over CHF 40.–, you must enter the card’s PIN code as well.
Can I disable the contactless payment function?

Your Reka-Card’s contactless function cannot be disabled.

Can Reka-Card payment be refused?

Refusal of the card is possible. Please contact our customer service if your card is refused.

I have a second form of Reka Money on my Reka-Card for the first time. What now?

Your Reka-Card must be updated so that both forms of Reka Money can be used as payment. You will find instructions for activating the programme here: Activating an extra form of Reka Money

When paying, how can I select the form of Reka-Money I wish to pay with?

If you are paying at a Reka acceptance point which accepts several forms of Reka Money, you can select the required form on the payment terminal’s display screen. If only one form of Reka Money is accepted as a means of payment, the transaction is automatically carried out using the available form of Reka Money. Selection is not possible with contactless payment.

Can I make one payment using two forms of Reka Money?

If the acceptance point allows partial payment, you can pay with two forms of Reka Money. For each form of Reka Money there is one transaction. For example, when paying for the SBB GA Travelcard, you can make one transaction with Reka-Checks and then complete the payment with a second transaction using Reka-Rail.

Can my account balance be overdrawn with the 

No. The Reka-Card can only be used as long as the Reka account has sufficient funds.

Blocking/Unblocking the Reka-Card

How can I block my Reka-Card?

You have several possibilities for blocking your Reka-Card with us.

By telephone

Immediately report the loss to our customer service on +41 31 329 66 00 (Monday to Friday, between 8.30 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. – 5 p.m.). Outside these hours you can record your blocking order on our answerphone. Please supply the following details:

  • First name and family name
  • Complete postal address
  • Telephone number
  • Reka account number or Reka-Card number
  • User-ID or customer number

At the same time please stipulate that your Reka-Card must be blocked. Your card can only be blocked if all required details are complete and accurate.


Log in to the Reka profile and open the “My Reka-Cards” section. Then select the “Blocking the Reka-Card” function. A new Reka-Card will not be automatically issued for you. Please call our customer service on +41 31 329 66 67 to apply for a new Reka-Card.

You can simply and conveniently unblock your Reka-Card via your Reka account or by getting in touch with our customer service by phone or email. 

How can I tell if a card has been blocked?

When a card has been blocked, it is no longer accepted by the terminal. The following text is displayed: “Card blocked.” Please contact our customer service with our contact form or call +41 31 329 66 67.

Can the blocking be cancelled?

Unblock your card via your Reka account on or contact our customer service with our contact form or by phone +41 31 329 66 67.

Card blocking if the card is lost

When your card is blocked in case of loss, apply for a new Reka-Card. The CHF 12.– fee will be charged to your Reka account

How long does it take to deliver a replacement card?

As a rule you receive the replacement card within three to four working days.

Termination of the Reka-Card (Reka account)

Do you wish to terminate your Reka account and your Reka-Card? Please use the termination form, which you can return to us by email to or by post.

Termination of the Reka-Card (Reka account) in the event of death

In case of death, we recommend that you utilize the available Reka account credit balance or redeem it in Reka-Checks. For termination, in addition to the termination form, we require a copy of the inheritance certificate.

Reka MoneyReka Money

Reka Money quota

Is this the first time you have received paying-in slips for discounted purchase of Reka Money from your employer? 

After your first payment you automatically receive your personal Reka-Card. Your employer will have sent you an information letter about this with all necessary details such as the terms and conditions. Your personnel department will gladly help you with any queries you may have.

What does “the employer’s quota” mean? 

Many employers provide Reka Money for their staff with a generous discount. To this effect, the staff member annually receives one or more paying-in slips for a stipulated amount. We call the total amount of these paying-in slips “the employer’s quota”.

Can I purchase only part of my employer’s quota? 

Because this is a voluntary fringe benefit, there is no payment obligation. What is important, however, is that the payment always corresponds to the amount on the paying-in slip. You can’t pay in only part of the amount printed on a single paying-in slip.

Are the paying-in slips like invoices and is there a payment obligation? 

Your employer’s paying-in slips are a purely voluntary fringe benefit regarding which there is no payment obligation for you at all. You don’t have to pay these slips in if you do not wish to.

Is there an expiry date for Reka Money?

No. Reka Money has no expiry date, whether it is in the form of Reka-Checks, Reka-Lunch or Reka-Rail. However, the paying-in slips are only valid until their expiry date. If they are not paid in before this, at a later date the staff member will no longer be entitled to draw the discounted Reka Money offered by the employer for the corresponding year.

Will I receive a Reka-Card or Reka-Checks when I pay? 

You can verify this quite simply yourself: if the reference number on your paying-in slip begins with a 14, your Reka-Checks will be delivered to your postal address, but if the reference number begins with a 15, the amount paid in will be automatically credited to your Reka account.

Can I decide whether I receive Reka-Checks or a Reka-Card?

No. This decision will be taken by your employer. After your payment, either Reka-Checks will be delivered directly to your home address or a Reka account will be opened for you and a Reka-Card issued with it. However, if you prefer Reka-Checks and do not wish to enjoy the Reka-Card’s numerous advantages, you can convert your electronic money online in your Reka account into Reka-Checks. Due to the cost incurred by registered check delivery, a conversion fee of CHF 10.– is charged. This amount will be debited from your account prior to delivery. Important: you can only draw Reka-Checks in CHF 10.– and CHF 50.– denominations.

Can I pass my Reka Money quota on to third parties? 

You may pass on your pay-in slips or your quota. Please note that in the case of a payment, the amount paid in will always be credited to the entitled Reka Money recipient account. If the latter does not yet have a Reka-Card, a Reka account with a Reka-Card will be opened automatically after the payment. The credit can be transferred to a third party via Reka profile using an account transfer.


General information

What is Reka-Lunch?

Reka-Lunch is a specific means of payment earmarked for staff catering. It is a form of Reka Money which is available on the Reka-Card. Reka-Lunch can only be obtained through employers who supply it.

Where can I pay with Reka-Lunch?

You can pay with the Reka-Lunch card in restaurants, staff cafeterias, bakeries, take-aways, etc., and you will find all acceptance points on

How can I add funds to my card?

You receive pay-in slips for your annual quota from your employer. Two or three working days after the payment has been made, the Reka-Lunch credit will be added to your Reka-Card. If you have used all your pay-in slips, you may proceed with EasyLoad. This is a quick and straightforward way of topping up your Reka-Lunch account again with a 1% discount.

When will I receive the Reka-Card?

As soon as the first payment is made, the Reka-Card will be sent to your private address. Your PIN will follow by separate mail.

When do I receive the Reka customer portal access data?

The login data will be sent together with the pay-in slips.

How much discount do I receive with Reka-Lunch?

Your employer decides on the discount for Reka-Lunch. Therefore, it can vary according to the employer.

Can I also use Reka-Lunch as a means of payment for other purposes?

Reka-Lunch is reserved for exclusive personal catering use and is blocked for the purchase of other goods and services. 

What is the maximum amount of Reka-Lunch credit I can add?

Your employer fixes the annual quota, which cannot be exceeded.


Reka-Checks (physically)

What can I use Reka-Checks for? 

Reka-Checks are redeemable at some 9,000 redemption points such as hotels, restaurants, travel agents, Reka Holidays and public transport sales points, event tickets counters (at SBB railway stations), museums, mountain railways and ski lifts, leisure parks, sport and fitness centres, circuses, zoos and many more. You’ll find a list of all redemption points at

Where can I buy Reka-Checks?

Over 4,200 forward-looking employers emit Reka Money for their employees as a fringe benefit with an average 20% discount. It is worthwhile asking your employer for details. Other purchasing sources are associations and trade unions. Supercard holders can buy Reka-Checks with a 3% discount from customer services desks at larger Coop branches. 

Where can I get which percentage discount?

From many employers, associations and trade unions you can obtain Reka-Checks with up to 20% discount, and 3% discount from Coop.

Which Coop branches sell Reka-Checks?

Supercard holders can get Reka-Checks with a 3% discount at customer services desks at all larger Coop sales points.

How long are Reka-Checks valid? 

Reka-Checks have no expiry date.

Can I also use Reka-Checks to pay for petrol?

Yes, at AVIA, BP and Coop Pronto petrol stations you can pay with Reka-Checks. Reka-Checks and Reka-Cards are machine-readable.

Can I use Reka-Checks to pay at dispensers?

Yes, Reka-Checks are machine-readable and redeemable at SBB, AVIA, BP and Coop Pronto dispensers and other vending machines.

Can I exchange Reka-Checks for cash?

No, Reka-Checks cannot be exchanged for cash.

What are Reka-Check denominations?

Reka-Checks exist in CHF 10.– and CHF 50.– denominations.

Can I get change on Reka-Checks?

No, our redemption partners are not obliged to give change in cash.

My Reka account

Reka customer portal

Where do I find my RekaNet account?

RekaNet was renamed the Reka customer portal when the new website was launched. At, you will find a login button in the top right-hand corner where you can access your account as usual.

How can I log in?

Enter your personal data such as your user ID and password on to access your personal Reka account.

Your user ID and password will have been sent to you with your paying-in slips for your Reka-Money quota. If you don’t have them anymore, please contact our customer service.

I can’t log in with my email address. What now?

Your email address is not registered with Kindly use your user ID to log in. Subsequently you can register your email address (format user ID: e.g. 01234567). Once it is registered, you will be able to log in with your email address as well.

I have forgotten my password. How can I receive a new password?

You can reset your password yourself at all times. You can request a new password by clicking on “Password forgotten” under The new password will be sent to you by A-Priority post. If your email address or mobile phone number is registered in your Reka profile, you will receive the reset password electronically.

What does “2-way authentication” mean?

2-way authentication is a 2-stage registration procedure and optimizes security for access to your account. For you as an account holder, this results in advantageous liability conditions (see GTC, paragraph 29).

What do I have to do to use a 2-way authentication?

For a 2-way authentication, register your mobile phone number in your Reka account. Each time you log in to the Reka customer portal you will then receive an text message with a unique code, valid only once, which you must enter via the Reka profile.

Under “My Profile” you can change your mobile phone number or activate/disable the 2-way authentication function at any time.

I have changed my mobile phone number, what now?

If you have registered your old mobile phone number and can no longer sign in to the Reka customer portal, please contact our customer service.

I do not possess a mobile phone. What now?

You can also log in to without 2-way authentication. You simply use the 1-stage login procedure by entering your user ID and your password.

How can I, as a cardholder, pay into my Reka account?

You have the following possibilities:

  • using your quota, which you receive from your employer, employer organization or association in the form of paying-in slips
  • using Reka-Checks, which you can send to us and with which we then credit your Reka account
  • via online banking with a discount

You will find detailed information in the Reka customer portal.

How can I check out my account balance?

In the Reka customer portal at or via request by text message: Information about the SMS enquiries procedure.

How can I, as a cardholder, check my last transactions?

In the Reka customer portal at or via request by text message: Information about the SMS enquiries procedure.

How much does it cost to send the account statement by post?

Possible is a monthly or annual subscription. The account statement costs CHF 2.50 per dispatch. In your customer portal you can download an extract yourself.

What other alternatives do I have if I do not wish to accept the cost of postal delivery of the account statement?

You can check your transactions at any time in your personal account in the Reka customer portal. Information by telephone is also possible (the customer’s identity is verified with control questions).

Can I also make payments to Reka partners with my Reka-Card?

Yes. It is possible to pay our partners via Reka customer portal. Invoices from certain acceptance points can be paid through your Reka account.

Where can I find the reference number for a payment to a Reka partner?

You’ll find the reference number on the paying-in slip you received from your travel agent, Mobility or any other Reka partner. If you do not have a paying-in slip or were not sent one, please contact the invoice issuer directly.

How can I make an address change?

Log in to the customer portal in order to change your postal address and go to the «My profile» box where you can change your address yourself. Otherwise kindly fill in our contact form. 

Can I perform an account transfer with different forms of Reka Money?

An account transfer will only work when the debit and credit accounts correspond with the same form of Reka Money. The recipient must have an active account with the corresponding form of Reka Money.

How can I convert my existing account credit balance into Reka-Checks/Reka-Rail?

You can convert your available credit balance into Reka-Checks or Reka-Rail in your personal Reka account. Due to the registered postage costs incurred, check delivery costs CHF 10.–, which will be directly charged to your account.


Additional Reka Cards

You can download application forms here

Topping-up your Reka-Card with Reka-Checks or Reka Rail

Please fill in the form and post it to us.

Activating an extra form of Reka Money

After adding an extra form of Reka Money, your Reka-Card must be updated at a payment terminal so that the required form can be used in payment. Download guidance

Information concerning a departure

You hold a Reka-Card and are now leaving the company which has been paying your annual fees up to now – no reason for terminating your Reka-Card. Download Info


Please fill in the form and email it ( or post it to us.

Reka Holidays

What is a Reka Holiday Village?

Reka Holiday Villages offer high quality and above-average value for money, plus a range of extra services: Reka hosts on site, Rekalino Club with childcare, large playgrounds for children, play areas and playrooms, mini golf, table tennis, volleyball, billiards etc.

Outdoor and indoor swimming pools with paddling pool for kids

Free baby equipment rental service for items such as cots, changing pads, baby bathtubs, table chairs and highchairs, baby backpack carriers, pushchairs and prams. Laundry facilities with washing machine and tumble dryer.

Where does Reka offer holiday packages?

Reka has a wide range of holiday homes on offer in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany and Croatia. We also partner with the Ravensburger Spieleland leisure park, Eurocamp and Center Parcs. 

All Reka offers can be paid in full with Reka Money.


How can I book Reka Holidays?

Booking is possible online at or by phone at +41 31 329 66 99. The booking centre is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Do I have to be a member to book a holiday home with Reka?

No, Reka does not offer memberships.


When does the booking become binding?

The rental contract with Reka is binding as soon as the booking is concluded, i.e. when you receive your booking confirmation by e-mail or by post.


What payment conditions apply?

A deposit (20% of the rental price, minimum CHF 200, maximum CHF 500) is due within 30 days of booking. The balance of the rental price must be paid no later than 42 days before the start of your holiday.

Can I pay for my booked holidays with Reka Money?

Yes, a Reka holiday booking can be paid in full with Reka Money (Reka-Checks or Reka-Card).


Can I innclude travel insurance with my booking?

Yes. Reka offers the option of insuring your booked trip. The fee varies depending on the specific offer and whether your destination is in Switzerland or abroad. For the insurance cover to take effect, the premium must be paid within 30 days of making the booking.

Are pets allowed?

Dogs are allowed in selected holiday resorts and holiday apartments (subject to a fee, see contract documents). Pet-friendly resorts and holiday homes are indicated accordingly on


I want to cancel my booking. What do I have to do?

Cancellations must be made in writing (by e-mail, post or fax). The date your cancellation is received by Reka applies (not the postmark). If your cancellation is received on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the applicable cancellation date is the next working day.

How much are the cancellation costs?

Cancellation costs may vary according to the offer and the time of cancellation. Detailed information can be found at

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