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      After adding an extra form of Reka Money, your Reka-Card must be updated at a payment terminal so that the required form can be used in payment.

Activating an extra form of Reka Money
      You hold a Reka-Card and are now leaving the company which has been paying your annual fees up to now – no reason for terminating your Reka-Card.

Information concerning a departure

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Please fill in the required form and email it ( or post it to us.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


The most important and frequently asked questions at a glance:

Reka-Card: Frequently Asked Questions

Reka-Checks: Frequently Asked Questions


All acceptance points at a glance:


You’ll find an up-to-date list of all acceptance points for Reka-Checks, Reka-Cards and now the new Reka-Lunch-Card as well, also exclusive special offers for Reka Money users and exciting trip-tips online in theReka-Guide.

GTC and fee


General Terms & Conditions (GTC) Reka-Card, valid from 1st of March 2018. More informations at

Here you will find our fee overview.


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