FAQ Reka-Lunch

Uses, discounts, validity and so on

FAQs about Reka-Lunch.

What is Reka-Lunch?

Reka-Lunch is a specific means of payment earmarked for staff catering. Reka-Lunch is a form of Reka Money which is available on the Reka-Card. Reka-Lunch can only be obtained through employers who supply it.

Where can I pay with Reka-Lunch?

You can pay with the Reka-Lunch card in restaurants, staff cafeterias, bakeries, take-aways, etc., and you will find all acceptance points on rekaguide.ch.

How can I add funds to my card?

You receive pay-in slips for your annual quota from your employer. Two or three working days after the payment has been made, the Reka-Lunch credit will be added to your Reka-Card. If you have used all your pay-in slips, you may proceed with EasyLoad. This is a quick and straightforward way of topping up your Reka-Lunch account again with a 1 % discount.

When will I receive the Reka-Card?

As soon as the first payment is made, the Reka-Card will be sent to your private address. Your PIN will follow by separate mail.

When do I receive the RekaNet access data?

The RekaNet login data will be sent together with the pay-in slips.

How can I change my PIN?

You can modify your PIN at any time via your RekaNet-Account.

I have forgotten my PIN – what now?

Kindly contact our customer service on customerservice@reka.ch or +41 31 329 66 67. A new PIN will be issued for you. This will cost CHF 6.–.

How do I apply for a new Reka-Card?

Please contact our customer service on +41 31 329 66 67 or customerservice@reka.ch.

How much discount will I receive with Reka-Lunch?
Your employer decides on the discount for Reka-Lunch. This can vary according to the employer.

Where can I verify the current balance on my card?
  • In the RekaNet on rekanet.ch 
  • via the Reka-Guide App
  • via SMS Queries (your mobile phone number must be pre-registered in the RekaNet)
  • via the “Balance queries“ function at a payment terminal equipped with this function. Staff will inform you whether the function is available on the particular terminal or not.
Can I also use Reka-Lunch as a means of payment for other purposes?

Reka-Lunch is blocked for the purchase of other goods and services and is reserved for exclusive personal catering use. 

Must I pay the annual Reka-Card fee?
The annual fee is sometimes paid by the employer. Otherwise it comes to CHF 12.–.

What is the maximum amount of Reka-Lunch credit I can add?

Your employer fixes the annual quota and this cannot be exceeded.

You will more information here about the Reka-Card and the RekaNet account.