Introducing Reka Money
as a fringe benefit

Show your employees the advantages of Reka Money

The orientation meeting is a good opportunity to point out the advantages of Reka Money to new employees. Ask the new employee what they like to do in their free time and while on holiday, and point out the many possibilities offered by Reka Money. Many people aren't even aware of how they can use these rewards vouchers. There is certainly something for everyone in the selection. And who doesn't want a larger holiday and leisure budget? 

Useful information for downloading and sharing

Regularly inform your employees about the various possibilities for use. Your employees may also have interesting stories to tell about what they have already experienced with Reka Money. Ask for these experiences and share them in house. This way, fringe benefits are transformed into active appreciation and fun. We’ve put together a few helpful PDFs for you. These should help you inform your employees. We also recommend subscribing to our newsletter. There you’ll receive information about new acceptance points and special offers for holidays and leisure activities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when are the payment slips for purchasing discounted Reka 
Money sent to employees?

As soon as you have entered all the employee data in the customer portal and sent it to us, we will send out the payment slip. It then takes about 14 days until the employees receive them.

How do I register a new employee so that he/she can receive Reka Money 
as a fringe benefit?

You can enter new employees directly in the customer portal.

Whom should employees contact if they have a problem with the 
Reka-Card or their account?

The best thing for your employees to do is to send an e-mail to or fill out the contact form in the Help Centre at We will respond as soon as possible. The more precisely they describe the problem, the better we will be able to remedy it.