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We stand for fairness and sustainability 

Eight out of ten people in Switzerland are familiar with Reka Money and every seventh family spends their holidays at one of our facilities. The unique combination of the two business segments, the recreational allowance and Reka Holidays, is highly trusted by our customers. This positive image is due to the fact that our non-profit organisation has been providing forward-looking benefits fairly and reliably for decades.

Geschäftsbericht 2020

Key figures 


Company form and structure

The Swiss Travel Fund is a non-profit cooperative, supported by an ownership structure based on social partner-ship. Several subsidiaries and foundations are affiliated with this cooperative.

Company form

Broadly-based cooperative structure 

The Reka cooperative, founded in 1939, is unique in terms of its corporate purpose. This is also reflected in the ownership structure, which is based on social partnership. The members of the cooperative consist of compa-nies, employee associations, service providers, organisations from the transport and tourism sectors, other legal and natural persons. The cooperative members waive a return on their shares in favour of the non-profit pur-pose of the company.

Management and Managerial committee

The Management and Managerial committee are responsible for the strategic management and operational supervision of the cooperative. In organisational terms, the company is divided into two business units, Reka Money and Reka Holidays. In addition, there is the Finance support unit. Management oversees the company within the framework of the Articles of Association and the Operation Rules.

Board of Directors

Dr. Marcel Dietrich
Dr. Marcel Dietrich


Claudia Hofstetter

Vice Chair 

Luc Pillard

Vice Chair

Members of management

as of April 28, 2023

Dr Marcel Dietrich*, Chairman
MDP Advice  

Claudia Hofstetter*, Vice Chair

Luc Pillard*, Vice Chair

Judith Bass
Alliance F

Alberto Bottini*

Daniela Bräm

Markus Brügger
Staff Association of the
Federal Government

Judith Bucher  

Aroldo Cambi*

Olivier Cosandier
Tissot SA, Swatch Group

Prisca D’Alessandro  
Swiss Commercial Association

Andreas Gerber*
Credit Suisse  

* Members of the Managerial Committee

Dr Thomas Hill
AVIA Association, Fritz Meyer Holding 

Christa Hostettler
PostAuto AG, Swiss Post

Sibylle Hug

Philipp Iseli

Rico Jäger  

Nicole Kamm Steiner
ABB Schweiz AG

Dr Jörg Ledermann  

Peter Lüthy*
Novartis Pharma AG 

Patrick Marro
Vaudoise Insurance

Claude Meier  

Daniel Münger

Manuel Murer

Martin Nydegger*
Swiss Tourism

Andreas Reber  

Dr Berno Stoffel
Seilbahnen Schweiz

Ueli Stückelberger*  
Public Transport Association

Goran Trujic  

Armin Weber  

Thomas Weber*

Urs Wülser  
F. Hoffmann-La Roche

Adrian Wüthrich*

Reto Wyss  
Federation of Swiss Trade Unions

Executive Board 

Roland Ludwig


Stefan Distel

Head of the business division Reka Money

Damian Pfister

Head of the business division Reka Holidays

Stefan Friedli

Head of Finance

Christina Gnädinger

Head of Human Resources, member of the extended executive board

Christian Loeffel

Head of IT, member of the extended executive board