Reka has always been committed
 to the common good

Added value instead of profit 

As a cooperative, Reka does not distribute profits. In line with our guiding principle, we invest the freely-disposable funds we generate in Reka Money, in our Reka Foundation for Holiday Aid and in climate protection. We follow a non-profit principle and provide our services from an economic, ecological and social point of view for the benefit of all parties involved and in consideration of future generations. Together with our employees, partners and customers, we create added value for society and are committed to the environment.

Quantitative services

Total: 14.1 million francs

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Qualitative services

  • In our holiday offer we focus on families, because they are economically more challenged than other groups. Due to many years of experience we know the needs and are constantly expanding our range.
  • The discounted Reka Money system generates an additional consumption of CHF 100 million per year. This helps promote the Swiss economy in the leisure and tourism sector.
  • Most of our own holiday resorts are located away from the busy Swiss tourist centres and thus contribute to the local economy.
  • We bring guests to the tourist regions even in the off-season and are a reliable service provider. To this end, we have steadily expanded our range of products in recent years.
Stiftung Ferienhilfe

Our Reka Foundation for Holiday Aid makes dreams come true

Holidays are important for the social development of children and for connecting the family. Through the Reka Foundation for Holiday Aid, we offer economically and socially disadvantaged families highly discounted holidays at a Reka holiday resort or partner company in Switzerland. Every year, more than 3,000 people benefit from this, especially single parents and their children. 

To Reka Foundation for Holiday Aid

More handicap accessibility while on holiday

Reka Holiday Villages have always been meeting places. That’s why it's important to make them accessible to as many people as possible. At least 50 per cent of our holiday resorts in Switzerland are set to be handicap acces-sible by 2022. We use renovation and new construction projects to remove physical barriers to housing, access roads, playgrounds and other areas. We are actively supported in this by the Denk an mich Foundation. Together we would like to play a pioneering role in tourism and offer far more than just physical freedom from obstacles.

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Reka Holiday Villages become handicap accessible

The Denk an mich Foundation has been involved in the areas of holidays, leisure, education and mobility for people with disabilities since 1968. It is committed to ensuring that these people can enjoy an autonomous social life. Together with Denk an mich we make Reka Holiday Villages handicap accessible. In addition to structural measures, we also provide staff training and access to information on handicap accessibility and the booking process.

Off-road wheelchair for the beach

The Stiftung Cerebral (Cerebral Foundation) supports over 9,500 families with members affected by cerebral palsy throughout Switzerland. The Foundation is committed to helping people with cerebral movement impair-ment to live as independently and carefree and with as much mobility as possible and to enjoy nature. That is why they have sponsored an off-road wheelchair, the JST Multidrive, for our Golfo del Sole resort. It even moves through fine-grained sand without any problems.

Responsible action and building 

Travel results in resource consumption. We have always tried to limit this. Already in the past, when choosing the location of Reka Holiday Villages, care was taken to ensure that they were easily accessible by public transport. We have set ourselves ambitious goals with regard to the construction and energy consumption of our new holiday resorts. New facilities are built in accordance with the SIA Energy Efficiency Path. With the two Minergie buildings in Urnäsch and Disentis, we have already implemented two systems that meet this standard. By 2022, further holiday resorts are to be converted to renewable energy sources as part of the planned new construction. 

We also carried out the new construction of the Reka Holiday Village at Lugano-Albonago, which re-opened in June 2022, according to the SIA Energy Efficiency Path.  The Holiday Village takes into account the latest ecological standards, including a strict environmental concept concerning waste, water, noise, air and soil. By 2030, the Reka Holiday Village at Sörenberg, the Reka Holiday resort at Scuol and the Parkhotel at Brenscino Brissago will be converted with renewable energy. New construction work at the Reka Holiday Villages at Lenk and Thurgau-Lake Constance in Kreuzlingen will likewise be carried out according to the SIA Energy Efficiency Path.

On the way to becoming the most sustainable holiday provider in Switzerland 

For us, sustainability is part of our DNA and means a sense of responsibility for tomorrow and all the days that come after tomorrow. We are consistently pursuing the path to CO2 neutrality and work every day to reduce our ecological footprint. As part of our sustainability strategy, we are renovating our holiday resorts and are making constant efforts to reduce the consumption of energy and resources. 

Make a Contribution to Climate Protection with your Booking

Holidays in nature are the best way to relax. That’s why we need your help to protect the environment, so that future generations can also recharge in nature. Thanks to myclimate’s  “Cause We Care” initiative, you have the possibility to make a contribution to climate protection with your Reka Holidays booking. And it is even worth it twice over, because we’ll double your contribution. 

Your contribution to climate protection

When booking Reka holidays, you have the option of donating an additional one per cent of your booking amount to the "Cause We Care" initiative from myclimate.

We are doubling

If you make a contribution to climate protection, it will count double. That’s because we’ll match whatever you donate and invest it in the "Cause We Care" fund.

Our climate protection measures

Part of the fund is invested in a myclimate climate protection project and we invest the rest of the money in our local climate protection and sustainability measures. Thus, for example, we invest in renewing window fronts, renovating facades or connecting a holiday facility to the district heating system of the municipality. 

Well on the way to the most sustainable holiday provider/supplier

Sustainability in practice should be a competitive advantage for Swiss tourism and become a real added value for guests in Switzerland. To achieve this, Swiss tourism has initiated the "Swisstainable" sustainability programme. Environment, ecology, climate protection, diligent care in dealing with natural resources, accessibility and regionality have long been among Reka’s key strategic goals.
Our country Switzerland is dear to our hearts. This is why we are readily committed to these values.  Reka was able to meet all requirements to deserve Certification as a “Pioneer Enterprise”  Level II. It’s thus with some pride that we display our commitment on our holiday resort pages with the green Swisstainable label. But we want to do even better and become the leading tourist company in all aspects of sustainability.


Our protective measures 

Seventy per cent of fossil fuel heating energy has been replaced by renewable energy

We obtain 100 per cent of our electricity from renewable sources

We will continue to reduce our consumption of heating energy through energy-efficient construction

If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting 

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