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On 22 June 1939, visionary employers, unions and companies in the tourism and transport industries founded the Swiss Travel Fund – Reka. Holiday and leisure activities were unaffordable for large parts of the population at that time. Reka was in tune with the times with its target-oriented savings system and later with its own, low-cost holiday offers. Over the decades, society's needs have changed and with them the range of products on offer. From the savings system for holidays, a separate, earmarked monetary system was created, which subsidises holidays, leisure activities and travel. And the Reka brand with its holiday villages became synonymous with fami-ly holidays and excellent value for money. 

The timeline of our success story 


Reka is founded on 22 June

Launch of the travel voucher (discounted access for public transport and holidays)

Travel voucher sales first sold for CHF 10 million

For the first time disadvantaged families are offered free holidays

Travel voucher sales reach a record CHF 50 million Opening of the first Reka Holiday Village in Lugano-Albonago

Switch from travel vouchers to CHF 10 Reka-Checks

Opening of Reka Holiday Villages in Montfaucon and Zinal

Opening of the Reka Holiday Village Wildhaus

Expansion of the product range with the Reka Holiday Village Bergün

Opening of the Reka Holiday Village in Lenk

For the first time, over 100 million Swiss francs are sold in the form of Reka-Checks

Reka-Check sales pass the CHF 200 million mark Overnight stays in Reka holiday accommodation pass the 500,000 mark for the first time

Creation of "Ferien für wirtschaftlich und sozial Benachteiligte" – a Foundation dedicated to helping the econom-ically and socially disadvantaged

Purchase of the Golfo del Sole Holiday Village in Follonica, Tuscany

Opening of the Reka Holiday Village in Hasliberg For the first time, the sale of Reka-Checks exceeds CHF 300 million

Overnight stays in Reka accommodations pass the one million mark

With Reka-Rail another form of Reka Money is introduced

The sales volume of Reka Money exceeds 400 million for the first time

This year, the sales volume of Reka Money hits the 500 million mark

Over 1,000 low-income families benefit from free holidays

Opening of Reka holiday village in Disentis

Market launch of the Reka-Card as an electronic payment instrument

Opening of the Reka Holiday Village Urnäsch Over 600 million Swiss francs in Reka Money are sold for the first time

Expansion of offering with the Reka Holiday Village Sörenberg

Opening of the Reka Holiday Village of Blatten-Belalp – a flagship project of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy

Introduction of a new form of money for staff meals: Reka-Lunch

Purchase of the Parkhotel Brenscino in Brissago

Reka becomes a participant in cashless payment transactions as an issuer, acquirer and processor (insourcing Reka-Card)

Acquisition of Swiss Holiday Park AG, Morschach (largest holiday and leisure resort in Switzerland)

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