Ongoing modernisation
of the Reka Holiday offer

Building projects for more sustainability, handicap accessibility and variety

For Reka, sustainability means treating nature with respect and searching for forward-looking supply and waste-disposal solutions. That’s why we are constantly modernising our facilities. Be it with thermotechnical renovations that save resources, the expansion of activities in a holiday village or wheelchair accessible holiday resorts.

Major projects 2022

  • Reka Holiday Village Lugano-Albonago: new building opening in early summer
    You can find all the information here.
  • Reka Holiday Village Lenk : Planning new construction
  • Reka Holiday Village Thurgau-Bodensee: Preliminary project
  • Parkhotel Brenscino: study

Partial renovations 2022

  • Renovation of the Reka Holiday Village in Magadino
  • Renovation of further flats at the Reka Holiday Village at Hasliberg
  • Renovation of Reka holiday flats at the Swiss Holiday Park
  • Renovations at Golfo del Sole (Terrazza, others)

Realised projects in 2021

The Reka Holiday Village at Hasliberg was renovated in stages

Flats in other buildings were renovated from November until start of the 2021/22 winter season.
To be continued ...

Reka Holiday Village Hasliberg
Reka Holiday Resort renovated in boutique style

We have renovated the whole resort including the Private Spa and linked it up with the municipality district heating system.

Reka holiday colony Chesa Engiadina Madulain
Further realised projects

  • Golfo del Sole: refurbishment of flats, bungalows, public areas, Beach Restaurant
  • Completion of new theming for Sörenberg (the Entlebuch adventure)

Realised projects in 2019

Reka Holiday Resort Golfo del Sole with newly renovated bungalows

  • 80 completely renovated bungalows on the dunes by the sea 
Reka Holiday Resort Golfo del Sole
Time never stands still at the Reka Holiday Village of Montfaucon

  • All studios have been renovated and modernised
  • Renovation of the indoor swimming pool and new furnishings for the common area
Reka Holiday Village of Montfaucon
Further realised projects

  • New seminar area in the Parkhotel Brenscino
  • Reka Holiday Village Wildhaus: Renovation of apartments and the common area
  • New theme at the Reka Holiday Village Sörenberg