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Perfect holidays for families. But not only …

Reka Holiday Villages have been welcoming guests since 1962. The idea still goes down well! Today 12 “little holiday villages” await you all over Switzerland – new facilities are being planned continuously and existing villages are carefully cared for and regularly renovated.

Where are the Reka Holiday Villages located?

In the Alpine foothills, the Alps, the Franches-Montagnes and in the sunny southern region of Switzerland – all situated on purpose slightly off the beaten tourist track – our Holiday Villages are closely linked with local culture and offer peace and relaxation in natural surroundings. Discover your Reka Holiday Village in the Swiss Jura region, the Bernese Oberland, in the Valais, central Switzerland, eastern Switzerland, the Grisons or Ticino!

Why are the Reka Holiday Villages so popular with families?

Reka is the Number 1 in Switzerland for family holidays. Families have been the focus of our attention right from the beginning. This is how the unique Reka Holiday Village culture came into being and why they are still developing so well today. It’s not rare for us to welcome several generations of families who spend the finest season of the year with us. We understand their needs and know that holidays with kith and kin are a challenge, but always a really worthwhile adventure. Holidays together create unforgettable, binding memories for a lifetime.
Nuclear families, ‘rainbow’ families, single parent families – for us family is family and always gets priority. Well-equipped holiday flats, good value for money, cleanliness and hygiene, hospitality, quality consciousness and first-class infrastructure… and whether you come with your baby, toddlerschildren, teensthe grandparents or your dog, you’ll be happy in the Reka Holiday Village.
Especially important: with us parents also get some extra quiet hours and precious couple time! At the Rekalino Club, we look after the children with lots of love and plenty of ideas. Everything is there for the whole family: games, fun, sport and relaxation for young and old, big and small in the village, at the heart of natural surroundings for wonderful outings and discoveries.

What special services does a Reka Holiday Village provide for families?

Everything that is essential for successful family holidays is included in the price with Reka:

  • We are there to assist you – Reka hosts are always available with advice on the spot, ready to give you a helping hand
  • There are spacious children’s playing areas, playgrounds, games rooms, minigolf, table-tennis, volleyball, snooker, boccia bowls and lots more
  • Youth dens for teenagers
  • Own outdoor or indoor pool, always with a kiddies’ paddling pool
  • Free baby article rental service such as cots, changing cushions, bathtubs, highchairs, baby back-carriers and buggies
  • Rekalino Club, sometimes with child care
  • Family areas
  • Laundry with washing machines and tumblers

Lots more extras can be ordered, depending on the location, with just a single click when you book:

  • Breakfast
  • Half-board
  • Making the beds
  • Towel service
  • Carpark (with charging facilities for electric cars)
  • Mountain bike and/or bike rental
  • Wellness-basket

Are the Reka Holiday Villages only for families?

No, not at all, because especially outside school holiday periods, you’ll find opportunities as a couple or a group to enjoy peaceful surroundings and relaxation. Discover the calm beauty of the Reka Village destinations for walking, skiing and cross-country skiing or for biking – 7 Reka Holiday Villages have been awarded the Swiss Bike Hotels certificate. At many destinations you’ll enjoy reductions on local mountain railways. We also have lots to offer in the way of wellness holidays: 6 Holiday Villages have their own wellness facilities. If you feel like a private spa, wellness oasis, a massage, a 500 m2 adventure pool or simply a sauna to relax after your tour – you have the choice.

Do you have to be a Reka member to rent accommodation? 

No, Reka is not a “holiday club”. Swiss Travel Fund Cooperative (Reka) accommodation is available to everyone. Everybody can draw reduced Reka Money as well – either from their employer as a fringe benefit or as a private person. You’ll find detailed information on Reka’s offers in our «Questions and answers» section.

How do we reach the Reka Holiday Villages?

All Reka Holiday Villages are easily accessible via public transport (german), and if necessary you can book the comfortable SBB-luggage service (german). On top of this, you can pay for your trip, flat and all extras on the spot with your discounted Reka Money!

Welcome to the Swiss holiday paradise for everybody!
Welcome to Reka Holiday Villages!

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Where can I find the Reka holiday villages?

In the foothills of the Alps, in the Franches-Montagnes and in Switzerland's southern sunshine region - deliberately a little off the beaten track - our holiday villages offer peace and relaxation, intensive nature experiences and a close connection to the local culture.

How can I reach the Reka holiday villages?

All holiday villages can be easily reached by car, but also by public transport - if you wish, you can book the convenient SBB luggage service. If you wish, you can pay for your journey, the flat and all services on site with your discounted Reka money!

Discover the Reka holiday villages, their special features, theme worlds and extras, the local experiences and the charm of the Reka destinations. There's more in it with Reka.

Serviced Apartements

Serviced apartements are a special form of accommodation certified by HotellerieSuisse, the Swiss hotel association. These types of apartements combine the amenities of a hotel with the advantages of your own apartement. They offer a fully equipped kitchen, living area and bedroom, similar to a normal flat, but with the additional services you would normally expect in a hotel. There is explicitly no need for catering or a fixed breakfast offer.

The HotellerieSuisse certification ensures that these accommodations fulfil certain quality standards and offer guests a certain level of comfort. This includes criteria such as cleanliness, facilities, service quality and other aspects that make the stay pleasant.

Serviced apartements are a popular choice for holidays where guests appreciate the comfort and flexibility of their own apartement but still want to enjoy the amenities and service of a hotel. You decide for yourself how much comfort is important to you for a perfect stay.

You benefit from a favourable basic price and can book the desired hotel services as required. All Reka holiday villages are classified as 3- or 4-star serviced apartement.

Why are Reka holiday villages so popular with families?

Reka is the No. 1 in Switzerland for family holidays. Families have been our focus since the very beginning. The unique Reka holiday village culture was created and grew with Swiss families. We know their needs and we know: Holidays with children are a challenge, but also an adventure that is always worthwhile. Because shared, unforgettable memories bond for a lifetime.

Nuclear family, rainbow family, single-parent family - family is family and comes first with us. Top-equipped holiday flats, good value for money, cleanliness, hospitality, quality awareness and a first-class infrastructure ... whether you are travelling with baby, toddlers, children, teens, the grandparents or with your dog, you will be happy in the Reka holiday village. Here, parents also enjoy quiet hours and valuable time as a couple. Because in the Rekalino Club we take care of the children with love and creative ideas. Everything is there for the whole family: games, fun, sport, relaxation for young and old and all around plenty of nature for excursions and discoveries.

What extras does a Reka holiday village offer especially for families?

For successful family holidays, the most important things are included in the price with Reka - with Reka there is simply more:

  • The Reka hosts are on hand to offer help and advice.
  • Exciting themed worlds - a different one in every holiday village 
  • Children's play areas, playgrounds, playrooms, mini-golf, table tennis, volleyball, billiards, boccia, etc.
  • Youth rooms for teenagers
  • Own swimming or indoor pools, always with paddling pools
  • Free rental service for baby items such as cots, changing pad, bath tub, table seat, back carrier, buggy
  • Rekalino Club, some with childcare facilities
  • Family barbecue areas
  • Laundry room with washing machine and tumble dryer

Many additional extras can be booked at the click of a button, depending on the location:

  • Breakfast 
  • Half board
  • Holiday brunch
  • Make up beds
  • Towels service
  • Parking space (also with charging facility for e-cars)
  • Bike and/or bicycle rental
  • Wellness basket

Are Reka holiday villages only for families?

No, because especially in the period between the official school holidays, you will find peace and relaxation with us, even as a single, couple or group. Discover the Reka holiday village destinations while hiking, skiing and cross-country skiing or biking - 7 Reka holiday villages bear the Swiss Bike Hotels certificate. In many places you benefit from discounts on the local mountain railways. We also have a lot to offer in the area of wellness. 6 holiday villages offer their own facilities - private spa, wellness oasis, massages, the 500m2 adventure pool or simply the sauna for some relaxation after the tour? The choice is yours.

Do I have to be a Reka member to rent a apartment?

No, Reka is not a "holiday club". The accommodation provided by the Swiss Travel Fund (Reka) cooperative is open to everyone. Anyone can also receive the discounted Reka money - either as a fringe benefit from their employer or as a private individual. In our "Questions and answers" section, you will find all the information you need about the offers with Reka-Pay.