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Holidays with the grandparents

Holidays with the whole family – including grandparents

“Holidays with grandma and grandpa – that sounds great!” Children’s eyes shine when they talk about shared experiences with their beloved grandma or grandpa.

So why not go on holiday together?

Whether just the grandparents with grandchildren or all three generations together – spacious Reka holiday homes offer enough space for holidays with the whole family, grandparents included.

Reka Holiday Villages offer a wide range of activities for all three generations. Grandparents will be delighted to spend more time with their grandchildren and take part in joint excursions and activities within the Holiday Village. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy some time for themselves – on a more challenging hiking or biking tour, or a few hours at the spa. Some Holiday Villages also offer a range of wellness packages. Pure relaxation!

Our offer holidays with the grandparents