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Holidays with a toddler

Holidays with toddlers

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Are you looking forward to a couple of restful hours during your holiday with the kids? Are you dreaming about reading a good book, putting your feet up with no housework for once, having an aperitif at 5 pm and a drink after supper at the bar...? Young parents’ first experiences are often quite different. «Easy-going» holidays with lots of time for yourself and as a couple tend to be a thing of the past. First-time parents often come home from holiday more exhausted than when they left. This is not true with Reka Holidays....
As Swiss Number 1 for family holidays we know just what scallywags and power girls from 3-years-old love and how to get them to let loose their energy: made-to-measure entertainment, games, fun, action, creative moments for every age – quite simply Fun & Action from dawn to dusk! In every Reka Holiday Village there are the popular Rekalino Clubs for your lively bundles of energy. This is especially good news for parents, because with us they’ll always be able to find a few extra quiet hours in the day....

There’s more included in the price: our Rekalino family programme

All inclusive, except boredom! Our professional carers will play, do handicrafts, make music and romp around passionately with your little whirlwinds! Preferably in the adventure worlds at individual Holiday Villages – your children will adore them!
Discover the Rekalino Clubs and adventures for holidays with toddlers:

Even more extras for your holidays with toddlers

Little water babies learn all about water at Wildhaus in age-adapted fun courses for up to 4-year-olds and up to 7-year-olds. You’ll discover all the benefits of family yoga at Urnäsch. On top of this, all Reka Holiday Villages have an indoor pool with warm water paddling pools for toddlers and most are equipped with a mini-golf, snooker, table tennis, table football, playgrounds and play rooms. And so that you only have to take the bare essentials with you for a smooth holiday with toddlers, our free rental service for baby items is available to you everywhere. Order what you need while booking – from buggies to changing mats and high chairs, to back carriers, bathroom stools or children’s toilet attachments and much more.

Relaxed journey

Would you like to travel comfortably by car? Or will you opt for public transport and as a Reka guest enjoy the SBB luggage service.

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