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How can I issue the Reka-Card in my company?

You have the possibility of issuing the Reka-Card on a one-off basis for a specific event as a bonus, or on a recurring basis as a fringe benefit. You decide how you wish to use the Reka-Card.

How do I benefit from the Reka-Card as an employer?

The Reka-Card is a popular payment method. Your employees will love it. It is also exempt from tax and social security contributions – not only for you as a company, but also for your employees. If you issue a Reka-Card via the customer portal, you even receive a 1.5% discount.

What are the different forms of Reka Money?

We have three forms of Reka Money, each of which is intended for a specific purpose:

  • Reka-Pay (formerly “Reka-Check”) for holidays, leisure time, mobility and meals.
  • Reka-Rail+ exclusively for sustainable mobility (e.g. public transport).
  • Reka-Lunch for meals.
Can I offer more than one form of Reka Money? 

Of course – you decide how many forms of Reka Money you’d like to offer at a discount. All three forms are available simultaneously on the Reka-Card.

Exemption from tax and social security contributions

What is the threshold for declaring the discounted issue of Reka-Card credit on an employee’s salary statement?
  • Reka-Pay and Reka-Rail+ as a fringe benefit: An annual discount of up to 600 Swiss francs per person does not have to be declared on the employee’s salary statement. Example: A quota of 3,000 Swiss francs per person with a 20% discount results in a discount of 600 Swiss francs.
  • Reka-Lunch as a fringe benefit: The issue of Lunch credit up to the limit (as of 1 January 2015: 180 Swiss francs per month) set by OASI (old age and survivors’ insurance) must be declared with a cross in field G of the salary statement.
  • Bonuses: The non-personalized Reka-Card (Reka-Pay and Reka-Rail+) and Reka-Checks are considered gifts in kind and do not have to be declared below 500 Swiss francs per event (wedding, service anniversary, etc.).
  • Details are provided in the guidelines for completing a salary statement.
If we pay out a bonus in addition to a fringe benefit, does the total of the two amounts apply for payroll accounting purposes?

No. Fringe benefits and bonuses are handled separately in this context (see previous question).

What is the maximum amount that can be paid out annually as a bonus/gift?

Benefits in accordance with Art. 8(c) OASI Ordinance, such as gifts in kind for special occasions (wedding, birth of a child, etc.) and bonuses for passing professional examinations, are exceptional in nature. They must not exceed a total value of 500 Swiss francs per year, based on the costs incurred for the employer. Discount on Reka-Card credit as a fringe benefit is handled differently (see separate paragraph number). It is quite possible, however, that there will be years in which regular remuneration in kind (paragraph no. 2071) and a gift in kind (paragraph no. 2158) are paid, and both benefits are excluded from the relevant salary, or can be accumulated.

Further information: WML (guidelines on the relevant salary for OASI, disability insurance and loss of earnings compensation)

Can different forms of Reka Money (Reka-Pay, Reka-Lunch and Reka-Rail+) be accumulated? If so, what is the annual limit per person?

Yes, different forms can be accumulated as a fringe benefit. The annual limit for both Reka-Pay and Reka-Rail+ is 600 Swiss francs of discount per person, while the limit for Reka-Lunch is 2,160 Swiss francs of discount per employee. 

Fringe benefit calculator

I would like a different quota/discount than shown in the calculator.

The online calculator offers a preselection that suits most employers. If you would like a different quota or discount, please contact us: or +41 31 329 66 77.


Reka-Rail+ is not available in the calculator as an option. Is it no longer possible to offer this form as a fringe benefit?

Reka-Rail+ can in fact be offered as a fringe benefit, but most companies use it within the framework of a mobility budget. If you are interested, please contact us: or +41 31 329 66 77.


My quote has expired – what can I do?

All quotes are valid for 60 days and can be accepted online during this time to close a contract. If your quote is older than this, please request a new one and confirm it.

Bonus ordering

Can I gift an employee a bonus with a Reka-Card?

Yes, if you do not have any Reka-Cards in your company as yet, you can load non-personalized Reka-Cards with the relevant amount on the website at and then gift them. If your company has a customer account, you can credit bonus payments to the relevant employee via the “Event payment” section.

How can I obtain Reka-Cards for bonus orders?

Non-personalized Reka-Cards are perfect for one-off bonus payments. As an employer, you can order the required number of cards with the corresponding credit on the website at While these cards cannot subsequently be loaded by your company, cardholders can load them at Coop with a 3% discount at any time. The card is free of charge.

Individual bonus orders – sent directly to staff

We will be happy to complete individual bonus orders for your company and send the Reka-Cards directly to your staff. Contact us for a no-obligation quote:

Customer portal 

Are there instructions for using the customer portal? 

Yes. The detailed instructions for use of the Reka customer portal describe the various functions.

In the Support area you will also find FAQs and a tutorial explaining the key functions of the customer portal.

Can I save a specific e-mail address for invoices only? 

Under “Customer profile” in the customer portal you can define the type of e-mail notification in addition to the role. Please select the “Invoices” function for the relevant person to do so.

Can multiple administrators be added to a company profile?

Yes. You can enter additional administrators and authorizations in the customer portal.
“Super-administrators” have authorization for all functions.
Administrators cannot add new admins, or activate or change new money forms.

Entering employees

Why is an employee’s date of birth a mandatory field?

This is needed to ensure clear identification of the account holder.

Is it really necessary to provide an employee’s OASI number? 

It is not essential, but beneficial. It makes it easier for us to check whether an employee already has a Reka account from a previous employer. The OASI number is encrypted by us.

Registering and de-registering employees

How do I register new employees so they can receive Reka Money as a fringe benefit?

New employees need to be entered directly in the customer portal. You can then allocate them their corresponding quota so they can claim their Reka credit.

Do new employees who join the company during the year receive the quota for the entire year, or is it allocated proportionally based on the remaining number of months? 

This is up to you. If required, we can open up a smaller quota for you, which you can allocate to those who join your company during the year.

How do I de-register an employee who leaves the company?

You can do this in the customer portal – the date of departure must always be in the future.

Can employees who leave the company continue to claim their credit?

You decide as the employer whether open QR invoices can continue to be deposited, or if you want to block them. This can be decided individually on a case-by-case basis.

The employee’s account will continue to exist, and they can continue to use the Reka-Card. Please provide the relevant employees with our leaflet.


How and when are QR invoices for discounted Reka-Card credit sent to employees?

As soon as you have entered all employee data in the customer portal and allocated them the corresponding quota, we will arrange for the QR invoices to be sent to your employees. It will then take around 10 days for the employees to receive the payment slips with QR code.

How many times a year do employees receive a QR invoice for discounted Reka-Card credit?

Once a year. If an employee misplaces their QR invoice, you can send the PDF again by e-mail in the customer portal. Alternatively, your employee can access the QR invoices directly in the customer portal.

How and when do employees receive their Reka-Card and the PIN to go with it?

We will send the Reka-Card as soon as an employee has paid the first payment slip. It will take around five working days for the card and PIN to arrive, and the card will be ready use immediately.

Where can I check how many employees have already claimed their fringe benefit?

The customer portal provides an overview of when your employees claimed their credit.

Does the annual account management fee have to be paid even if no money is claimed?

If an employee has a Reka account and has paid into it once in the past, you will be charged account management fees once a year – regardless of whether the employee has claimed the credit or not.


How are the monthly invoices sent?

You will receive monthly invoices in PDF form via e-mail. You can also download a detailed statement in the customer portal.

How can I find out how the invoice amount has been calculated?

A detailed statement can be found in the customer portal with a list of all employees who have claimed credit.

Event payments in the customer portal

How can I make an event/bonus payment in the customer portal?

The function for one-off Reka-Card loading is available under “Event payment” for outstanding achievement, service anniversaries, weddings or retirements.

You can set up a standing order for repeat orders.

How long does it take for the credit to be transferred to the employee’s account?

The credit will be visible in the employee’s account the following day.


What is Reka-Rail+?

Reka-Rail+ is a specific payment method that is intended for climate-friendly mobility only – either for commuting, or during leisure time. Reka-Rail+ is therefore ideally suited as a mobility budget.

Where can my employees pay with Reka-Rail+?

Reka-Rail+ can be used exclusively for sustainable mobility at numerous points of acceptance throughout Switzerland – in person and online.

The network of acceptance points is being continuously expanded and includes public transport, shared mobility and the first and last mile.

Reka-Rail+ can also be added to numerous apps such as SBB Mobile, Fairtiq, etc. as a payment method.

How much work is involved for us as an employer if we want to issue Reka-Rail+ to our employees?

The process for issuing Reka-Rail+ is largely automated, which means that there is little work involved for you. For more details of the possibilities, please contact our advisory team via e-mail or by phone +41 31 329 66 77.

If processing is outsourced to Reka, are the credits secure and is data protection guaranteed?

Reka specializes in the handling of credit balances and data.

Over 4,000 employers benefit from Reka Money services. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can guarantee you the greatest possible security and reliability in processing and data handling.

Do we as an employer benefit from tax advantages when we issue Reka-Rail+?

Discounted issue of Reka-Rail+ is generally free of tax and social security contributions. For more details, please contact our advisory team via e-mail or by phone +41 31 329 66 77.

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