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O sole mio! Holidays in Ticino

Ticino! For generations,  Switzerland’s gateway to the south has inspired dreams of long, lazy  sunny days, the place for short trips and long holidays all year round, for holidays you never forget.

Close your eyes! Memories are still fresh ... childhood dreams ... summers ... family holidays in the typical rustico cottage, hunting for glowworms on the terrace. On the rocks by the cool Verzasca river. The warm wind in your hair on the front deck. The gelateria for ice-creams by the lake. Mini-golf and camping sites. Taking a break in the pastures hiking on steep mountainsides, with a breathtaking view in autumn.   Then the trip without the parents at the youth camp. Riding with friends by bike through the chestnut forests. Magic evenings by the lake with your first sweetheart. Excursions to little Italian towns, parties on the piazza, beautiful parks, art, good food ... it’s all still there and Ticino is still an everlasting holiday dream! Wonderfully familiar and yet there’s always something new to surprise you! Once Ticino, always Ticino! Is this also true for you? You’ll find your ideal holiday home with us, your rustico cottage or hotel room high up above the lake ....

The Ticino climate? Mild, just like the Mediterranean...

Ticino is rightly known as Switzerland’s sun-deck. On the shores of its lakes, which enjoy a Mediterranean climate all year round, the annual average temperature is 12 °C. Temperatures seldom sink below 0 °C or rise above 30 °C. The sun shines around 2,200 hours a year. In comparison, Turin only has about 1,600 hours of sunshine annually. Cloud cover, also a measure of serenity, is on average 43% in Lugano. With 77% coverage, Zurich sees much less blue sky! In this true Mediterranean climate, subtropical vegetation thrives – absolutely unique in Switzerland. Be amazed by the blaze of colour and the perfumes of exotic flowers in the numerous botanical gardens. One of the best-known parks in Ticino surrounds our finest Swiss hotel, the Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago.

Which sports activities are possible in Ticino?

Racing bike tours and mountain bike trails, rock climbing, mountaineering, canyoning, go-kart, skiing, horse-riding, swimming, golf and naturally rambling on a well laid-out network of over 4,000 km of hiking trails – all year round the reliably good weather, mountains and lakes offer a unique natural backdrop for every kind of open-air activity. Your holiday flat in the Reka Holiday Resort at Magadino or the Reka Holiday Village at Lugano-Albonago, our certified Swiss Bike Hotels in Ticino, will be the ideal point of departure for discovery tours in the saddle.   The best hiking paths mostly start right in front of your holiday flat and the beach by the lake is never much further.

Do you know how many lakes there are in Ticino?

Over 130! The border with Italy runs through the two biggest lakes with waterborne transport, Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano. In addition, there are three smaller and particularly charming lakes in Origlio, Muzzano and Astano, near Lugano. There are countless natural and artificial mountain and reservoir lakes in the canton’s alpine areas, idyllic waterways that are always worth a visit to explore on foot or by bike in the warm season. Right on the lake, by the way, you’ll find the Reka Holiday Resort at Gandria, and you’ll enjoy fabulous views out over the lake at the Reka Holiday Resort at Brissago, the Reka Holiday Resort in Magadino and the wonderful Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago.

Do you know the turbulent waters of Ticino? 

They rush and roar down from the Ticinese Alps, flowing through deep valleys towards the great lakes. In the saddle, wearing walking boots, your swimsuit or canyoning you’ll enjoy the thrills of the unique river landscapes in the Maggia, Lavizzara, Rivera or Verzasca valleys. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of the Santa Petronilla or Piumogna waterfalls. And if you’re searching for deep relaxation : plunge into the peace and tranquility of nature along these remote shorelines  with your worms and fishing rod!

The best views of simply everything!

Welcome to the land of the 1000 scenic viewpoints! The highest peaks of the Ticinese Alps soar above 3000 meters, with more than 80 mountain huts to welcome hikers and ski touring enthusiasts. 30 cable-, cog- and funicular railways will whisk you up to lofty heights including some of the most beautiful mountain viewpoints in Switzerland such as the Monte Brè, Monte Generoso, San Salvatore, Monte Lema or the adventure mountain Monte Tamaro. Many of these railways are equipped to take your bike and the best news is that public transport in the whole canton is free with the Ticino Ticket, that we always offer you free of charge as a Reka guest.   

Is there any city life in Ticino?

Even city air is better here than at home. Milan, Turin and other big North Italian cities are worth a day trip for the whole family. But you don’t have to go that far. You’ll find everything a city can contribute to making your vacation a success just a stone’s throw from your Reka Holiday home. Enjoy a capucino on the Piazza Grande in Locarno, a trip to the historical old city centre in Bellinzona or a shopping outing in fashionable Lugano’s charming little streets. Immerse yourself in the rich artistic and cultural offers, famous museums and fantastic summer festivals along the lakeside promenades. Discover typical villages and old towns. Stroll through the lively Italian markets just on the other side of the border!

Live the Italian way of life, soak up the southern panache in the open-air!

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Selected for you: Hot tips for holidays in Ticino

There’s something new to discover every day in Ticino. We’ll gladly recommend some of our most popular facilities. They are suitable for extended family holidays as well as short trips for a few days as a couple.

Reka-Ferienanlage Magadino
Ticino tip #1: Reka-Holiday facility in Magadino, renovated for you

Brand new with pool and modernized flats, a bike station and lots more now! Above Lake Maggiore, on the edge of a chestnut forest, your holiday home is idyllically located on the banks of a stream, overlooking the Magadino plain where the Ticino and Verzasca rivers enter the lake. Lots of walking paths and one of the most popular bike trails lead you deep into the countryside from your doorstep. The wetlands of the «Bolle di Magadino» or the sumptuous flowers in San Nazzaro promise unforgettable excursions. In the villages of the Gambarogno region on the lake shore there are loads of fun opportunities in or on the water!

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Terrasse Gemeinschaftshaus
Ticino tip #2: Reka Holiday Village at Lugano-Albonago, entirely rebuilt

High up above the lake and little town, with a sensational view stretching as far as Malcantone, lies our very first Holiday Village – a true Reka classic - which we are reopening having rebuilt it for you during summer 2022. You’ll find simply everything for holidays in Ticino with the whole family. Highlights are the infinity pool, the culinary delights of regional cooking, spacious accommodation of all sizes, our own wellness facility and lots more. The best adventures in Ticino await you on your doorstep: city trips, boat trips, boat tours, walking and the finest bike trails. On top of this: a bike corner has everything a biker’s heart could desire!

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Ticino tip #3: Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago, the top address for young and old alike!

Who needs the sea when you can stay by a lake like this? You’ll enjoy all the advantages of perfect holidays with service and an unbelievable view of the lake from every room of our most beautiful Swiss hotel resort. Loungers and parasols invite you to relax at the pool. Let your spirits flow with a drink from the bar. Soak up the perfume of exotic blossom and flowers in the magical park. In the evening you’ll be served gastronomical delicacies with Ticino’s delicious Merlot wine on the terrace.

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Exterior view in summer - Reka Holiday house Brissago
Ticino tip #4: Reka Holiday resort at Brissago, including the 180° lake panorama

The picturesque village of Brissago is located on Lake Maggiore, right on the border with Italy. Beautiful old houses nestle around the Renaissance church near the lake. You can gaze at this paradise from your holiday home every day. There’s lots to discover from the village : lush gardens and parks, a «holy» forest, Locarno and its attractions or the adventure mountain Monte Tamaro. And the best news is that all the facilities at the nearby Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago are open for you free of charge.

Ticino tip #5: Reka Holiday resort at Brissago, including the 180° lake panorama
Balcony with lake view - Reka Holiday resort Gandria
Ticino tip #5: Reka Holiday facility at Gandria, private with direct access to the lake

With individual lake access, sunbathing area, pedalos .... your holiday home is located in the middle of the picturesque village of Gandria. You’ll find peace and quiet in its narrow alleys, flights of steps, courtyards and arcades. Time seems to have stood still here for 100 years. The village is a traffic-free zone. Located within walking distance from Monte Bré, Gandria is perfect for trips to Lugano, excursions to Italy or simply long days of dolce farniente!

Ticino tip #6: Reka Holiday facility at Gandria, private with direct access to the lake

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