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Cure holidays

Welcome to IAHA health resort flats with Reka

What about a cure during Reka Holidays? We offer holiday weeks and cure offers in the healthy mountain air or the mild climate of Lago Maggiore’s sunny shores. Our Swiss Partner IAHA takes care of the professional side and provides your spa programme, comprehensively tailored to your personal circumstances, including the best possible individual support and supervision.

((The website of the partner IAHA is displayed in German))

IAHA cure treatment offers and holiday weeks with Reka

With chronic diseases, after hospitalization or as a preventive measure, a spa treatment specifically focuses on and improves your health and sustainably increases your sense of wellbeing. Are you planning a cure? Consult our partner IAHA! Book your restful cure holiday week and bring your nearest and dearest with you to stay.

Why are Reka Holiday resorts suitable for cure treatment holidays?

Reka Resorts are always in a first-class location in the mountains or by a lake, with a modern and well-developed infrastructure. An adaptable ‘holiday environment’ and optimally equipped flats all provide the perfect accommodation for cure treatment stays. And for the elderly there’s a special extra: Reka alone offers some 60 completely or partially barrier-free flats. 

Cure holidays with IAHA’s individual cure treatment programme  

To guarantee a successful cure, our partner IAHA will organize your cure programme to specifically meet your medical and therapeutic needs. In addition, IAHA ensures that the best possible doctor’s and professional support is available in the care, physio and nutrition areas. They organize and coordinate any additional treatment necessary, ranging from massage to wrapping treatments, for example, and excursions in the surrounding countryside.  Creative and spiritual moments give us new vitality. Musical experiences are also part of the programme as well as social gatherings, if desired. In dementia-related cases, IAHA arranges the appropriate professional or family holiday support.

Would you like to have your friends, family, and familiar entourage with you? Gladly ...

There is plenty of room in Reka health cure accommodation and a wide variety of activities for accompanying guests. Your cure stay will especially offer a welcome relaxing respite opportunity for your caring relatives and friends.

How do I book your offers for Reka cure treatment holidays?

In a personal conversation, the IAHA specialist will carefully outline your wishes and requirements in order to arrange your treatment programme. The IAHA is a member of the Swiss Association of Spas and Cure Houses – for a medically prescribed stay and if you have complementary insurance, your health insurance may proportionally cover services.

You book your Reka cure treatment weeks directly with IAHA

With the IAHA you will find further important information and forms for the cure holiday offer:

  • «Best Agers’ holidays and cure offers»
  • General information
  • Information on cost coverage by health insurances
  • Medical referral form
  • IAHA registration form for your cure at a Reka resort

Talk to the IAHA specialists!
We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones and wish you a speedy recovery.

Information and Booking

IAHA International Association for Healthy Aging
Seefeldstrasse 62
8008 Zürich
Phone: +41 44 208 88 44

Best Agers auf Sitzbank geniessen den See

To whom is the Reka cure treatment holiday offer addressed?

Best Agers auf Sitzbank geniessen den See

Our cure treatment holidays with IAHA are flexibly suited for various situations:

  • You are not ready to return home yet, after a hospital stay. You need light care, support, or therapy. A healthy, family-friendly atmosphere is important.
  • You would like to spend your cure holiday with your partner, relatives or friends, optionally with the involvement of professional support.
  • For your carers, your cure treatment holiday is a good opportunity for a restful respite.  Support can be provided by the hour to free up some leisure time for your carer/s.

IAHA: Our partner at your service


As a neutral Spitex association, the IAHA International Association for Healthy Aging works closely with various Swiss partner organizations and is committed to high standards in the ambulatory health care market in important organizations and committees. Its mission is to enhance growing older and make individual lifestyles possible, even on a tight budget. IAHA offers:

  • Advice and support
  • Best Agers’ holidays and cure treatment stays
  • Respite for family carers as well as private carers
  • Free further training for carers
  • Support in daily life

Here you book your cure treatment holidays through IAHA

In the alpine foothills and Ticino – intentionally located slightly off the touristic beaten track – Reka offers cure flats for 1 to 8 guests. And naturally lots of peace and quiet as well as complementary care and therapy offers. Discover your Reka Holiday Resort:

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