Reka-Card at Coop

Take advantage at Coop of the 3% discount on Reka-Card credit

At selected Coop sales outlets (Coop supermarkets, Jumbo and Coop City) and Coop branch offices, you can get the Reka-Card on presentation of your Coop Supercard. You will thus benefit from a 3% discount with every purchase. Whether it’s for a trip on a mountain railway, travel on public transport, a tasty meal at a restaurant, or filling up at a petrol station or charging at an e-charging station – you can pay at thousands of acceptance points all over Switzerland with your Reka-Card.

Reka-Card at a glance at Coop

Get the Reka-Card at Coop: so simple!

Advantages with the Reka-Card at Coop at a glance

3% discount

Automatically benefit from a 3% discount with the Coop Supercard each time you top up. This means, for example, that for a Reka credit worth CHF 500 you only pay CHF 485.


A Reka-Card is rechargeable at all times. In combination with the Coop Supercard, you can draw up to CHF 3,000 Reka-Card credit daily at selected Coop sales outlets.


Register your Reka-Card in the customer portal so that your credit is secured and protected by your personal PIN. The Reka account offers you many card management functions.

Register the Reka-Card and benefit from the following advantages.

With your Reka card you have personal access to the Reka customer portal. With this, you can take advantage of the following and many more functions:

  • Safeguarded credit in case of card loss
  • Check credit balance
  • View all transactions
  • Pay Reka acceptance point invoices
  • Block your Reka-Card in case of loss
  • Change the Reka-Card PIN code
register the Reka-Card
Halbtax PLUS

The Reka-Card from Coop as a gift

  1. Validation

    Enter your account and PIN numbers. Both are on your Reka-Card.

  2. Contact data

    These are necessary so that we can link your card with a personal account.

  3. Setting your PIN

    Last you record a new PIN and your Reka-Card is registered. The CHF 6 account management fee will be credited to you within a few hours after completion of the registration.

    Registering the Reka-Card

The Reka-Card from Coop as a gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift or have you received a Reka-Card yourself as a present?

Laden und profitieren

Top up your Reka-Card again and continue to take advantage

Even if all your credit has been used up, you can still use your Reka-Card because because Reka-Cards are rechargeable at all times. You can top up as usual at Coop with a 3% discount or directly online via your customer portal with a 2% discount.

Draw Reka Money

Pay with the Reka-Card: from an alpine cabin to a visit to the zoo!

There’s a very varied choice of over 7,000 acceptance points with something for all tastes: from public transport tickets and mountain railways to hotels and wellness oases, and from museums to leisure parks. In addition, practically all travel agents accept Reka-Pay as a means of payment. There’s something for everybody in the versatile selection. In addition, thanks to the Reka web app, it’s also very easy to call up the nearest acceptance point at any time on your smartphone.

Acceptance points in your vicinity Install Reka web app

With Reka-Pay you save twice on public transport

The Swiss Half Fare Card PLUS offers you the possibility to buy credit in advance for public transport tickets and then use it flexibly for rail, buses and trams. You can choose between different packages. For example, for an amount of CHF 1,500 you obtain a public transport credit worth CHF 2,000, which you can subsequently use for a year. If you draw this amount as Reka-Card credit, at Coop, thanks to the 3% discount, you only pay CHF 1,455 instead of CHF 1,500. This way you benefit from a CHF 2,000 credit and CHF 545 more in your budget.

Halbtax PLUS

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find all Coop branches where I can top up my Reka-Card?

To access the overview of all Coop branches, click here. In the search list you can then enter the name of the Coop branches you want. Under «Details» you’ll find more information concerning the required branches. In the «Service» category, search for the “Loading the Reka-Card” entry. If this entry is available, there’s nothing to stop you drawing the popular leisure money at the Coop branch of your choice.

How long is the Coop Reka-Card valid?

Reka-Pay credit on the Coop Reka-Card has no expiry date. Once paid in, it is valid for an unlimited period.

What are the advantages of using the Reka-Card as compared to Reka-Checks?

With the Reka-Card you pay cash-free. When you register your Reka-Card, it offers more security (e.g. in the event of card loss). With the Reka-Card you can pay to the nearest cent as well as cash-free. In addi-tion, you can use it to pay in lots of web shops and Reka partner apps, such as e.g. the SBB app. These can be found under “Finding acceptance points”.

Will my Reka-Checks still be valid next year?

Reka-Checks remain fully valid and are accepted at many acceptance points. You’ll find the list of acceptance points under “Finding acceptance points”. 

How much does the Reka-Card cost?

The account management fee comes to CHF 6.– annually and is automatically debited from Reka credit with the first deposit. If you register your Reka-Card, this first annual fee will be waived and refunded to your account within a few hours.

If you receive reduced Reka-Card credit in future through your employer or an association, the account management fee may vary.

Why do I have to register my Reka-Card?

When you register your Reka-Card, your credit balance is secured and protected thanks to a personal PIN.  If you don’t register your Reka-Card, the PIN pre-printed on the front of the card is valid and pro-vides no protection in case of card loss. 

The essential in brief

  • The Reka-Card can only be obtained on presentation of the Coop Supercard.
  • The minimum amount for a Reka-Card top-up is CHF 10, the maximum daily amount is CHF 3,000 as Reka-Card credit. For each top-up a 3% discount is automatically granted.
  • Accepted means of payment are cash, debit cards, Supercard (Mastercard, Visa and Visa Prepaid), PostFinance Card, VPAY (other credit cards are not accepted).
  • The annual card management fee is CHF 6 which is automatically deducted from the Reka credit balance on the first loading. When you register your Reka-Card online, the account management fee for the first year will be waived and within a few hours refunded to your account. Subsequently, a year after the first loading the annual CHF 6 account management fee will be deducted. If you receive reduced Reka-Card credit in future through your employer or an association, the account management fee may vary.
  • The Reka-Card can also be given as a gift. The recipient can register online, change the PIN and will also receive a refund of CHF 6 if they register during the first year.
  • If you already possess a Reka-Card, you can transfer the credit from the non-personalized card to your Reka account via the customer portal.
  • A non-personalized card can be charged cumulatively with up to a maximum of CHF 5,000. For further top-ups a registration is compulsory.