The electronic Reka-Check currency is now called Reka-Pay.

A new name for the tried-and-tested range.

The electronic currency on the Reka-Card is now called Reka-Pay and replaces the term Reka-Check. Apart from the new name nothing changes. Paper Reka-Checks retain the name ‘Reka-Checks’.

This changes:

Reka-Geld Hirarchie

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reka-Pay?

Reka-Pay is the digital currency for Reka-Checks. It is considered a means of payment for vacations and leisure.

Why is it no longer called Reka-Check? / Why the new name?

The designation Reka-Check refers to a note. With the digitization of payment transactions, the term Reka-Check is confusing within the overall system and is no longer up-to-date.  Some 70% of payments with Reka Money are now performed electronically and only 30% still with the paper Reka-Checks.  Hence the change to the neutral term Reka-Pay.  Reka-Pay continues to be the earmarked means of payment for holidays, PT tickets, fuel and leisure activities.

Will my existing credit balance be automatically converted into Reka-Pay?

A conversion is not necessary. Only the name changes. Reka-Check’s digital money form is now called Reka-Pay.

Will I lose my credit balance if I still have Reka-Check on the account? 

No. Your credit balance remains unchanged. Only the name changes because Reka-Check in its digital money form is now called Reka-Pay.

Are my Reka-Checks still valid?

Reka-Checks are still fully valid and accepted at many acceptance points. You’ll find the acceptance points under «Finding acceptance points».