How to purchase
Reka Money

The unique holiday and recreation vouchers

At Reka you receive a discount on every purchase. In other words: You get more for your money and can in turn increase your holiday and leisure budget. Many employers offer their employees a discount (usually 20 per cent) on a certain amount as a fringe benefit. If your employer does not offer this, you can obtain Reka Money from us at a two per cent discount and from Coop supermarkets at a three per cent discount. As a means of payment, the holiday and recreation vouchers correspond one to one to the Swiss franc. They can be used for public transport, hotel accommodation, restaurants, fitness memberships and even for petrol.

How to get Reka Money

More than 4,200 employers offer their employees a discount on Reka Money as a fringe benefit. If your employ-er does not offer this service, you have the option of purchasing Reka Monay from an online account or at delivery points.

Our forms of money

Reka-Card with Reka-Pay

Whether it’s for eating, travelling or family activities – with Reka-Pay you’ll make more out of your holidays and leisure time. This Reka Money form can be obtained via many employers and unions with a discount (usually with 20%), at Coop with a 3% discount or online via the customer portal.  Reka-Pay is available in digital form on the Reka-Card as well as in the paper Reka-Check form, as before.


As its name suggests, this form of Reka Money enables you to pay for lunch as well as for coffee and snacks. Many employers offer their staff a discount of 50 to 100% on withdrawal. The credit is loaded on to their account, and they can comfortably pay with the Reka-Card. Reka-Lunch is only obtainable in the form of a fringe benefit from the employer.


With this form of money, you’ll benefit when buying rail tickets, public transport season tickets, RailAway offers, etc. Reka-Rail+ is often offered as a fringe benefit with a 20% discount on purchases. Reka-Rail+ is available both in digital form via the Reka-Card and in the form of cheques.

Means of payment for:
  • Half-Fare Travelcard, GA Travelcard 
  • Route tickets for the entire public transport network 
  • Ski lifts, mountain railways 

Pay with Reka Money: From an alpine hut to a visit to the zoo

This choice offers something for everyone: Hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, public transport, mountain rail-ways, ski lifts, recreational parks, cinemas, museums, Mobility Carsharing, petrol stations and much more. See for yourself and become inspired by the wide range of products on offer. 

Discover Reka Money as an employee reward

Many employers offer Reka Money as a fringe benefit. Learn how the system works and inform your employer if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages does the Reka-Card offer compared to Reka-Checks?

The Reka-Card offers you more security. If you lose your card, you can have it blocked in your online account to protect your credit balance. In addition, you pay exactly to the centime and can link online shops such as the SBB Mobile App to your account to pay for rail tickets with Reka Money.

How much is the annual fee for the Reka-Card?

The annual account management fee is CHF 15.–. Often the employer offers to pay for the yearly fee. 

How can I check my account balance?

You can check your account balance at any time in the online customer portal and see an overview of all your transactions.

Can I deposit Reka-Checks into my online account?

Yes, please fill out these form. Send this to us by registered mail along with the Reka-Checks. We will then credit your online account for this amount.