Get more out of your holidays 
and leisure time

A piece of Swiss identity

Reka has been offering families in Switzerland discounted holidays and leisure activities since 1939. This basic idea is still as relevant today as it was then. In the meantime we belong to Swiss cultural heritage like a pocket knife in a hiking rucksack. Our unique product mix with Reka Money and Reka Holidays is one-of-a kind world-wide. 

Our service offering at a glance

We offer you clever ways to get more out of your holidays and leisure time. This means that you always receive Reka Money at a discount, usually via your employer as a fringe benefit. Our holiday resorts not only offer good value for your money, they also provide great variety and a family atmosphere where you can relax as soon as you arrive.

How Reka Money works

Reka Money is a means of payment specifically meant for holidays, leisure activities, transport and meals. You will receive a discount on every purchase. Reka Money can be obtained as a fringe benefit or bonus from many employers and associations. Most offer a 20 per cent discount on the purchase. If your employer does not offer this, you can purchase Reka Money from us at a 2 per cent discount and in larger Coop supermarkets at a 3 per cent discount. The easiest way is to use the digital form of our rewards voucher – the Reka-Card. As a means of payment, Reka Money corresponds one to one to the Swiss franc.

Our forms of money

Reka-Card with Reka-Pay

Whether it’s for eating, travelling or family activities – with Reka-Pay you’ll make more out of your holidays and leisure time. This Reka Money form can be obtained via many employers and unions with a discount (usually with 20%), at Coop with a 3% discount or online via the customer portal.  Reka-Pay is available in digital form on the Reka-Card as well as in the paper Reka-Check form, as before.


As its name suggests, this form of Reka Money enables you to pay for lunch as well as for coffee and snacks. Many employers offer their staff a discount of 50 to 100% on withdrawal. The credit is loaded on to their account, and they can comfortably pay with the Reka-Card. Reka-Lunch is only obtainable in the form of a fringe benefit from the employer.


With this form of money, you’ll benefit when buying rail tickets, public transport season tickets, RailAway offers, etc. Reka-Rail+ is often offered as a fringe benefit with a 20% discount on purchases. Reka-Rail+ is available both in digital form via the Reka-Card and in the form of cheques.

Means of payment for:
  • Half-Fare Travelcard, GA Travelcard 
  • Route tickets for the entire public transport network 
  • Ski lifts, mountain railways 

Pay with Reka Money: From an alpine hut to a visit to the zoo

Whether it’s sport, culture or relaxing outdoors – whatever you wish to do in your free time, Reka Money will help you get more out of it. The possibilities are very diverse and always offer new inspiration for leisure activi-ties. With this selection, there is something for every taste: from restaurants and hotels, fitness centres and wellness oases to museums and leisure parks. In addition, practically all travel agencies, the SBB, mountain rail-ways and even petrol stations accept Reka Money. 

Discover our holiday offer

Reka Holidays mean more time with your loved ones, more experiences and in turn, more relaxation. With our individually bookable services and our family-friendly facilities, we make your holiday preparations simple. We would like you to feel at home with us and be able to leave everyday life behind you. Tailor your holidays perfectly to your needs: From holiday apartments to all-inclusive resorts, we offer a wide variety of facilities. But they all have one thing in common: A family-friendly atmosphere in a beautiful environment. Perfect for tuning out and recharging your batteries.

You can also benefit from Reka Money when booking our holiday offers

In your customer portal, you can quickly and easily pay for our holiday offers with Reka-Pay and enjoy the benefits.

Climate neutral holidays thanks to myclimate

We are working every day to become the most sustainable holiday provider in Switzerland. We have always tried to limit our consumption of resources. For example, new holiday resorts will be built in accordance with the SIA Energy Efficiency Path and existing ones will reduce their consumption of fossil fuels by 70 per cent by 2021. Would you also like to do something for the climate? When you book Reka holidays, you can donate one per cent of your booking amount to myclimate. This amount is then directed into climate protection projects. This offsets the unavoidable CO2 emissions related to your stay. Any donation you make will have double the impact because we will match your donation and invest it in our internal sustainability programme.

Reka Reka Foundation for Holiday Aid

Every child dreams of family holidays – of adventurous outdoor excursions or pleasant days spent on the water. Unfortunately, however, many families in Switzerland cannot afford a holiday. That’s why we’ve set up the Foun-dation for Holiday Aid. With generous donations and income from the Reka Money system, we can ensure that both large and small holiday dreams come true. Every year, we make it possible for 1,000 low-income families to enjoy a week-long holiday for just 200 Swiss francs. We also offer holidays for single parents that are specially tailored to their needs. Participation costs between CHF 200 and 600.  

Need holiday inspiration?

Are you looking for ideas for your next holiday? Browse through our travel themes and offers: Whether it's a beach holiday with the children, a hiking holiday in Switzerland or an eventful trip abroad – we have something for everyone. From camping holidays to bungalows on the beach, we offer a wide range of accommodation. We provide tips for families and have numerous offers for couples, groups and individual holiday guests. How about a guided bike tour in picturesque Tuscany or a pampering wellness weekend in the mountains?