Reka-Guide App

All acceptance points on your smartphone

Are you into more holidays, travel and leisure activities? If so, use the Reka-Guide App to get a list of all the partners who accept Reka-Checks and the Reka-Card, by clicking in the card or list view, directly on your smartphone. It’s a great tool to find out quickly and easily where you can pay with Reka Money.

Would you like to know how much available Reka-Card credit you still have? You can check out your balance at any time with Account Queries in the app.

Download the free Reka Guide app right away:
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Search for acceptance partners

Search by town

Want to know where you can pay with Reka money in a particular town or place? Simply enter the location in question. The Reka-Guide will then find all the acceptance partners for you.

Search by current location

If you enter your current location the Reka-Guide will display all the acceptance partners near you. You can further restrict the search by categories so the Reka-Guide only lists the acceptance partners you are looking for (e.g. hotels, restaurants).

Search by categories

Acceptance partners are assigned to the following main categories: hotel/restaurant, sport/wellness, leisure/culture, holidays/travel and transport/mobility. One acceptance partner may be listed under several categories. If you want to know which restaurants in a particular location accept Reka money, select the search by category.

Search by company

If you want to know whether a certain company accepts Reka money as a payment instrument, you can search for that company specifically in the Reka-Guide.

Account queries

In the Reka-Guide App under “More“ you will find the Account Queries option where you can check your current Reka-Card status.