All our acceptance points at a glance


Feel like having more leisure time and holidays? In the Reka-Guide online you’ll find all the reception points for Reka-Checks and Reka-Cards in map-view or list mode as well of lots of tips and offers. Use this handy tool to find out quickly and simply where you can pay with Reka Money.

Together with all our acceptance points on our leisure page you will discover the latest Reka Money and Reka Holidays offers, hotel and restaurant tips and ideas for trips at a glance.

In the online search, reception points are displayed as points on a map of Switzerland and you can orient your inquiry according to different criteria and options. Simply click on points containing several acceptance points to see how many and what they are. If you zoom in on the area, points break up into individual ones. Acceptance points can also be displayed in list mode.

There is also a mobile version in the Reka-Guide App for smartphones. This way you can also be up to date when you are on the move.