Reka Rail

Enjoy more public transport for less money


Reka Rail is the ideal payment method for public transport offers and services. Reka Rail can be obtained from forward-looking employers with a discount and with the myOne card at customer services desks in branches of Manor and Jumbo.

Where are Reka Rail available?

Reka Rail are available from some employers with up to 20 % discount or at lots of SBB-railway stations and lots of other transport firms (with no discount).

Where are Reka Rail valid?

You can pay for a wide range of public transport offers and services with Reka Rail: railway tickets, SBB RailAway offers, mountain railways, bike rentals, bus, postal coach, mountain railway and boat tickets.

Furthermore, Reka Rail are machine readable so can be used directly as payment in automatic ticket machines.

In addition to many Swiss shipping companies’ board restaurants, Reka Rail are also accepted in railway buffets, dining cars and rail bars.

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