The popular and simple
employee reward

Give the gift of happiness with rewards vouchers for holidays and leisure

Whether it's for extraordinary performance, a service anniversary, a wedding or retirement, you can't go wrong with Reka's holiday and leisure benefits. It corresponds one to one to the Swiss franc and can be used in a wide variety of ways: from hotel accommodation and wellness visits to fitness memberships.

Benefits at a glance:

No tax or social security contributions

Reka Money is considered a gift in kind and therefore does not have to be declared up to an amount of 500 Swiss francs per event.

Versatile and individually redeemable

The possibilities are endless: restaurants for connoisseurs, mountain railways for nature lovers, theme parks for adventure-seekers and much more.

Frequent uses for bonuses

Bonus for a good business year

How about rewarding employees with a holiday and leisure bonus in the form of Reka Money?

Exceptional performance

For exceptional commitment there is no better gift than making a contribution to leisure time.

Service anniversary

Giving our vouchers that can be used for a well-deserved break is perfect.


Finding the right gift is not always easy. But with Reka Money you can't go wrong.

An addition to the family

We offer holidays and leisure activities specially designed for young families.


A credit for activities and holidays is the perfect gift for this new phase of life.


To compensate for the new challenge, a contribution for holidays and leisure activities is ideal.


You can't honeymoon enough – sweeten the time with our holiday and recreational vouchers.

This is how easy it is to reward your employees with Reka Money as a guest without a Reka account 

If you do not have an online account, you have the possibility as a guest to order a Reka-Card with Reka-Pay credit or paper Reka-Checks for your staff. Enter your order on the form and then fill in your contact details. The credit will be activated on the Reka-Card upon receipt of payment. The Reka-Card is not a gift card that has to be destroyed after the credit has been used up, but a card that can always be topped up again by staff members.

Already a Reka business partner?
Pay bonuses directly in the Reka online account

Do you already offer Reka Money as a fringe benefit? Then you can directly release bonuses and gift payments directly in your online account under "Event payments". This way you can decide on the date and required amount for the transaction yourself. 

Prefer a holiday voucher to Reka Money?

The holiday vouchers are valid for our entire holiday offer. From holiday apartments in the mountains to resorts with a children's paradise and bungalows with an ocean view, there is a suitable offer for every need. In our holiday villages, adventures await the children at the water playground, the petting zoo or the circus. And parents will find time to recharge their batteries. There is also plenty to discover for groups, individuals guests and couples, such as bike tours in picturesque Tuscany or wellness weekends in the Alps.