Boost your visibility
by accepting Reka Money

The electronic form of the Reka-Check is now called Reka-Pay.

A new name – a tried-and-tested offer.

The electronic currency on your Reka-Card is now no longer called Reka-Check, but Reka-Pay. As an acceptance point, you will now see the term Reka-Pay instead of Reka-Check on the terminal as well as on Reka-Card statements. The terminal should be immediately re-initialised to accommodate these changes. Many thanks. 

Accepting Reka Money generates more sales and attracts new customers

Around one million customers use Reka Money for holidays, leisure activities, catering or mobility offers. The discounted withdrawal enables our customers to search specifically for Reka Money acceptance points. As a partner, you benefit from new customers and increased turnover. Use this opportunity to serve a new target group. Many companies throughout Switzerland have already discovered the advantages of Reka Money. What are you waiting for?

Inform your customers

Do you accept Reka Money as a means of payment? Why not let your customers know?
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