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Zirkuswelt Wildhaus

Circus world

Your Rekalino Club in the Reka holiday village Wildhaus

Our holiday theme: circus world

Free riding for our small and big clowns and predator tamer! The Reka holiday village Wildhaus im Toggenburg turns into a magnificent circus world during school holidays and public holidays. The Rekalino Circus is a first-class stage for a varied childcare. That's only with us!

The Rekalino highlights in the Wildhaus holiday village

Curtain up in the children's circus

A real circus tent and a real circus car are in the holiday village. During the day there is juggling, balancing and magic. And on Thursday, we'll give the big performance in front of a gathered audience of parents. Trained circus specialists are at our side. They manage and design the program with the help of Rekalino supervisors. The “Rekalino” circus is part of the Rekalino Club program and is free for children. The circus program during the high season is open to children from 4 years of age. For younger children, there are many circus-related activities to choose from during childcare. In the off-season the focus is on the family, such as hiking together in the Toggenburg in collaboration with the Klangwelt.

The tried-and-tested program items such as guest evening, Rekalino club evening and childcare take place throughout the day.

Programme 2023

  • Start of the circus in the community house, with circus car, but without tent: Easter weekend 2023
  • Start in tent on Thursday, 18 May 2023 until end of season in October (19 October 2023)
  • Driveway chat and Whitsun chat with a continuous circus programme
  • Reduced circus programme in the off-season (circus program only from 29.09.-21.10.23)

Programme 2024

  • Easter talk (31 March): programme without circus
  • Start of the circus in the tent: from Easter Monday, 01 April
  • Circus in the tent from Monday, 8 April to 20 May (April 9 and Whitsun 19 May) with continuous circus programme, Corpus Christi (30 May) programme without circus)
  • 01 July to 15 August: Circus programme
  • 19 August to 26 September: programme without circus
  • 30 September to 17 October: Circus programme

Well looked after: the Rekalino weekly programme

Creative workshops, baking, crafts and design, games days, tournaments, nature excursions, treasure hunts, cinema, circus and the popular club evenings without parents - there is always something going on with us. There's a new program every week. And the best part is: Childcare in the Reka holiday village Wildhaus is included in the price.

The Rekalino programme varies from holiday village to holiday village. Note the information at the Rekalino Club or in the guest information, and register your children for the individual events!

At a glance: Everything for children and families

In the holiday village there are indoor and outdoor facilities, which we also use for childcare:

  • big circus world with tent and wagon
  • Tissot Mini Golf
  • Indoor swimming pool with children's paddling pool
  • Children's playgrounds and playroom
  • Youth areas
  • Billiards, table football, speed hockey 
  • Ravensburger game cabinet for borrowing the latest games
  • Rekalino Trail
  • Reka backpack

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