Reka-Card with an online account

One card – lots of advantages


Paying with Reka Money has never been as easy as when you use the handy-sized credit-card format.


The Reka-Card is a popular means of payment for holidays, leisure and staff catering in Switzerland. The prepaid, earmarked debit card can be used as cash and contactless payment at Reka acceptance points.

Your gain:
Reka Money is the 1:1 equivalent of Swiss Francs and you can always draw discounted Reka Money.

You can request your personal Reka-Card from your employer or directly from Reka.

Learn more about the Reka-Card and the world of Reka Money:

Your personal online Reka-Card account
You can easily manage your Reka-Card credit balance on
  • Check your Reka Money balance
  • Modify your Reka-Card PIN
  • Block your Reka-Card in the event of loss and unblock it again if necessary 
  • Pay invoices from Reka acceptance points (e.g. Reka Holidays)
  • Order Reka-Checks using your credit balance

Your advantages
  • You pay to the nearest centime.
  • You benefit from a number of discounts and special offers from Reka’s partners. You will find vouchers to download at
  • You can conveniently pay for Reka Holidays and certain other offers at
  • The Reka iPhone App keeps you up-to-date on all places accepting Reka money while you are out and about.
  • You can top up your Reka credit any time at and enjoy a 2 % discount.
  • You can check your balance at any time in the RekaNet, via SMS or using the Reka-Guide App for smartphones.
  • You can block your Reka-Card if you lose it – you don’t lose your credit (+41 31 329 66 00).

Reka-Card Customer Service

Here you will find answers to all the most frequently asked questions about using your Reka-Card and your RekaNet account, as well as information on possible malfunctions.