Welcome to the World of Reka Money

Reka-Card and RekaNet - now with new added features!


You can pay safely and easily now with the Reka-Card!


Discover the Reka Money world now:

Easy and practical

Pay with the Reka-Card as easily as with the Maestro card.


The Reka-Card is protected by a PIN. In case of loss, you can block it very easily – by calling +41 31 329 66 00 or on RekaNet.
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Pay online

You can pay your tickets very simply in the SBB Online Ticket Shop just like with a credit card. You can also pay our online acceptance points quite simply by using the e-banking function in your RekaNet account. 


You also have the possibility of loading Reka-Lunch and Reka Rail credit on the Reka-Card. In this case, when paying at the terminal just select which credit is to be charged.
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Contactless payment

Thanks to the new NFC function, you can pay amounts up to CHF 40.– without contact or entering a PIN.
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