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The picturesque Ticino village of Avegno in the Maggia Valley


The large river delta between Ascona and Locarno indicates this: The Maggia drains half the canton of Ticino. In the lower part, the long Maggia Valley presents itself as a wide trough valley with one of the most pristine river landscapes in Switzerland. In the upper part, it branches out into several wild side valleys, whose hydroelectric power is harnessed by the Maggia power plants.Avegno (293 m a.s.l.) lies in the lower part of the valley, shortly after the valley narrows of Ponte Brolla.

Exterior view in summer - Holiday house Acacia
Comfortable outdoor seating area - Holiday house Acacia

Ferienhaus Acacia

Avegno, Switzerland
Komfortables Ferienhaus-Apartment im Maggiatal
Komfortables Apartment in Avegno am Taleingang mit Sitzplatz und Bademöglichkeit in der erfrischenden Maggia.
Car park
CHF 776