Obtain the Reka-Card online

Boost your leisure and holiday budget

Pay with the Reka-Card at thousands of acceptance points all over Switzerland and enjoy a discount every time. You always draw the popular holiday and leisure currency with a reduction. Many employers grant their staff a discount (mostly 20%) when they draw a certain amount. In case you do not have the possibility of drawing Reka-Card credit via your employer, you can always purchase Reka-Card credit directly from us with a 2% discount.

How to obtain the Reka-Card online:

Obtaining the Reka-Card via the employer

Are you one of the lucky ones who enjoy a discount on Reka-Card credit thanks to their employer? If so, register in the customer portal with the login data you received. In case you don’t have these handy, you can request new ones via the “Forgotten your password” link, in the private persons category, under Login. Under the “Loading your account” function, you will find your “payment slips” which are linked with the employer’s discount. As soon as you have made the first payment, we’ll send you your personal Reka-Card.

To the customer portal login

Simple and secure: Reka-Card account

Your account is protected by a password and a two-factor authentication process. In addition, the customer portal offers you the following advantages:

  • Access to transactions
  • Credit top-ups
  • Reka-Card PIN code changes
  • Reka-Card blocking

The annual account management fee is CHF 15 and this is automatically deducted from your Reka-Card credit with the first loading.

Reka web app

Would it be convenient for you to be able to verify your balance at all times on your smartphone or access your transactions? What about finding acceptance points in your vicinity in just one click or getting a message, e.g., when your balance sinks lower than CHF 100? Why not call up the link and install the web app on your home screen?

Paying with the Reka-Card: from an alpine hut to a visit to the zoo!

The choice from over 7’000 acceptance points is very varied and has something for all tastes, ranging from public transport tickets and mountain railways to hotels and wellness oases, and from museums to leisure parks. On top of this, practically all travel agents also accept Reka Pay as a means of payment. There’s something for everyone in the vast selection!

Tip: record the Reka-Card in the SBB Mobile app

Simple, fast and convenient: register your Reka-Card quite simply in the SBB Mobile app as a means of payment, or with lots of other transport companies. This way, you can comfortably buy your rail, bus or tram tickets any time online. And each ticket automatically becomes a saving in itself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Reka Money application?

Yes, there is a Reka Money app.The Reka Money app is a web app which cannot be downloadedvia Apple or Google Store.

Install the web app by clicking the following link and adding the app to your home screen.

Click here for the written instructions.

Explanatory videos for the installation:

Is there an expiry date for Reka Money?

No. Reka Money has no expiry date, whether it is in the form of Reka-Pay, Reka-Lunch or Reka-Rail+. However, the QR invoices are only valid until their expiry date. If they are not paid in before this, at a later date the staff member will no longer be entitled to draw the discounted Reka Money offered by the employer for the corresponding year.

What are the advantages of the Reka-Card over the Reka-Check? 
  • The Reka-Card offers a greater degree of security.
  • If the card is lost, your credit balance is still available because the card can be blocked.
  • As a Reka-Cardholder you take advantage of various reductions.
  • With the Reka-Card you can pay to the nearest centime.