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Luggage service SBB summer 2021

Conveniently from door to door:
Your luggage service with SBB.

Have your luggage collected and delivered back home!

No more lugging luggage! With public transport, you can now travel to your Reka holidays in a climate-friendly and more comfortable way than ever before. Book the luggage service with SBB for your Reka holidays! Up to 16 suitcases and bags, skis, snowboards, sledges ... your holiday luggage will be collected from your home and will be waiting for you when you arrive at your Reka holiday flat. And the return transport is also taken care of.

Please note that the offer can only be booked online and luggage cannot be checked in or ordered at the station. The booking must be made at your home by 8 p.m. up to 2 days before the pick-up.

The deadlines for pick-up and drop-off, info on luggage labelling and categories as well as the detailed transport conditions can be found online.

Inform now!

Register your holiday luggage here!

Please note:

  • Sunday is not a transport day
  • Bicycles are excluded from the service
  • If you arrive by car, Reka cannot transport your luggage back to the hotel.
  • Booking online only

You can have your luggage delivered to these Reka facilities:

  • Reka holiday village Bergün
  • Reka holiday village Blatten-Belalp
  • Reka holiday village Disentis
  • Reka holiday village Hasliberg
  • Reka holiday village Lugano-Albonago 
  • Reka holiday village Sörenberg
  • Reka holiday village Zinal
  • Reka holiday village Urnäsch
  • Reka holiday resort Gandria
  • Reka holiday resort Chesa Engadina Madulain
  • Reka holiday resort Scuol
  • Swiss Holiday Park Morschach
  • Park Hotel Brenscino Brissago

Book your Reka holidays today.

And the convenient luggage transport with SBB!

We wish you a relaxing journey.

Exterior view in summer - Reka Holiday Village Bergün
CHF 1014
Exterior view in summer - Reka Holiday Village Blatten
CHF 974
Exterior view in summer - Reka Holiday Village Disentis
CHF 823
Exterior view in summer - Reka Holiday Village Hasliberg
CHF 624
Exterior view in summer - Reka Holiday Village Sörenberg
CHF 852
Exterior view in summer - Reka Holiday Village Zinal
CHF 663
Exterior view in summer - Reka Holiday house Gandria
CHF 634
Exterior view - Reka Holiday house Scuol
CHF 868