Economic Sustainability

Stakeholder-value instead of shareholder-value

Stakeholder-value instead of shareholder-value

As a non-profit organization the Reka takes no profits. Within the framework of its specific vocation, it creates important added value in the social tourism and economic sectors.


Results overview:

Qualitative results

  • Reka’s own holiday offers for families: the Reka is THE family holiday provider in Switzerland. It focuses on this sector because families are more financially challenged than other groups in society.
  • Business promotion in the Swiss leisure and tourism sectors: The reduced-price “Reka-Check“ leisure money system generates an increase in consumption of over CHF 100 million annually.
  • Business promotion in the country: Reka’s own holiday facilities are usually located outside the successful Swiss tourist hubs and actively contribute to support local economy.
  • Generating “warm beds“ in Swiss tourism: Counterbalancing by creating “warm beds“ to postpone the ominous increase of neglected “cold beds“ in tourist areas.

Quantitative Results 2018

 Reka‘s Non-Profit Results

in mill. CHF

Reduction of „Reka-Check“ leisure money CHF


Reduction of Reka’s own holiday offers CHF


Holiday Help for financially challenged families CHF


Total results CHF