Administration / presidium


Administration / presidium

Organization and Responsibilities

The Governing Board and Executive Committee safeguard the strategic management and operative supervision of the cooperative society. The company is divided organizationally into two business entities, Reka Money and Reka Holidays, as well as the finance support unit. The directors of these three units work together with the Director of executive management. Core operations such as IT/Operations, Marketing & Communication, social holiday assistance and the executive secretariat are under the Director’s control. 

Management Committee and Administration

According to its Statutes, the Reka Cooperative Society divides its administrative functions into two bodies : the Administration and the Executive Board. Essential rights and obligations such as business strategy, budget, approval of investments, selection of the Executive Board, senior management, representation in sister associations / shareholdings / foundations as well as authorization of important regulations and motions to the General Assembly are performed by the Administration. The Executive Board functions like an advisory commission and provides various competences as defined and conferred by the Statutes. It appoints a Financial Committee as well as temporary bodies as circumstances require. It is the Financial Committee’s responsibility to implement investment regulations approved of by the Administration.

Administrative Board Members
(Excerpt of the 2018 business report - in german)