A unique business model

By issuing Reka Money, Reka encourages savings earmarked for holidays, leisure and travel. At the same time, as a key initiator, it promotes local tourist and leisure industries and in addition generates funds for its non-profit vocation.

Reka Money Circulation

Circulation of Reka Money

Reka initially allocates Reka Money at sales points with a 1.5 % discount. The sales points then give the user a further reduction of an average 17 % on Reka currency. This reduction is free of tax and social costs. Users redeem their Reka Money from a current total of approximately 9,000 acceptance points. The latter compensate Reka with 3 % of the redeemed amount and thus gain exclusive access to the Reka Money user’s ‘reduced-price’ expenditure. Together with Reka, the current total of over 4,200 Reka Money sales points thus annually provide a reduction on Reka Money of over CHF 100 million. The incentive thus created results in annual sales of over CHF 670 million in the form of Reka cash.

A social commitment for tourism

Proceeds from Reka Money circulation enable Reka to attain its statuary non-profit-making goals. The funds generated are entirely invested in the reduction of Reka Money, the reduction of Reka Holidays (in Reka’s own facilities) and social holiday help for needy, low-income families.

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