Pay with Reka-Pay at petrol stations and e-charging stations and save by the gallon!

With the Reka-Card refuelling or charging comes cheaper.

Whether it’s for fuel or electricity – with Reka-Pay you’re back on Swiss roads for less. With the Reka-Card you can pay at selected petrol pumps and e-charging stations and enjoy an indirect discount. 

Drawing money or topping up your Reka-Card at Coop

You possess a Reka-Card and need more credit? No problem. Have your Supercard handy and draw more Reka-Pay credit with a 3% discount in selected Coop sales points.

Don’t you have a Reka-Card yet? Let’s get going then : you can obtain the practical Reka-Card in selected Coop super markets, Coop Bau+Hobby, Coop City and Coop branch offices. 

Thousands more shopping and payment options

Reka-Pay is a popular means of payment, accepted all over Switzerland, for public transport, petrol, holidays and leisure. Whatever you like doing in your free time, there’s something for all tastes in the selection of Reka-Pay acceptance points : from restaurants and hotels to fitness centres and wellness oases, museums and leisure parks. In addition to selected service stations, the SBB and practically all mountain railways also accept Reka Money.