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Active Best Agers can experience something here…

We stay fit longer – probably because we stay more flexible in our mind and body. Reka has inspiring holiday ideas for anyone over 55 with a bit more time on their hands and who loves travelling and discovery. Experience something new and get more from life? There’s more with Reka.

A Best Ager, Golden Ager, Silver Ager, you can also call yourself a retiree or a senior citizen… but your golden years start now. You’re in the starting blocks and really ought to do what’s been on your «to do» list for a long time.  You have the power? We have ideas for you. Fortunately, holidays with Reka don’t keep you on the go, but just on the move!

Holidays for active Best Agers – why with Reka?

Reka Holiday Villages, Reka Holiday Resorts and hotels are located in the finest holiday regions, by lakes, along the European coastline and up in the Swiss mountains. In the off-peak season especially, when children are back at school, our resorts are genuine insider tips for Best Agers.

Hotels, apartments, bungalows, holiday houses… the choice is yours. Cleanliness and hospitality are the standard with us. You choose comfortable made-to-measure services for food, linen, laundry, and wellbeing. Leisurely driving through Ticino in a Cinquecento convertible, pleasurable hiking from one alpine hut to the next, sharing a special «tête-à-tête» dip at the beach, pottery for two, joining the fun with friends at a swing festival or jazz event on the piazza… Relaxation always comes first with Reka Holidays, with adventure never very far away – there’s so much more with Reka in your golden years!

Velo-Gruppe, jemand zeigt auf die Aussicht

Bikeholidays in Switzerland and in Tuscany

Do you go by bike or mountain-bike, or like travelling by e-bike? Reka is fully equipped for all bicycles. Get to know Reka Biking Holidays and Swiss Bike Hotels in Switzerland as well as the greatest mountain bike trails in Tuscany!

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Ferien für Best Agers

Hiking is the Swiss delight

No hustle and bustle, no stress, just simple pleasures, communion with nature, walks with your loved ones, pure relaxation and sport as well – the journey is the reward and Reka Resorts are the perfect departure point for your adventures.

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Senioren geniessen Fondue in den Bergen

Reka Winter Holidays: exercise keeps you warm.

Do you feel the pull of downhill and cross-country skiing in winter? Or do you like trudging through snowy forests in your hiking boots or snowshoes? Discover the magic of glistening snow!. By the way: with us mountain railways sometims are included…

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Best Agers Yoga

Yoga holidays: focus on harmony!

Bring your body and soul into harmony! The majestic mountain panorama and endless views over the lake are the natural backdrop during the course. Meditation, breathing, full conscience and strength – it’s all win-win on a yoga holiday.

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Wellness Holidays for Best Agers

Wellness, Beauty, Spa & Co.

Montfaucon and Madulain will inspire you with their own wellness oases. We offer a private spa in Lugano. There are Beauty Treatments up in Morschach… Wellness is written in capital letters wherever Reka is! Discover our Specials, too!

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Seniorin springt in den Pool

Bathing holidays: Simply seaside holidays

Italy, France, Spain or Croatia, at a hotel or in a flat, package or individual travel – you’re longing for sand, the soft sound of the waves and reading a good book in the sun? Get lucky with your Reka seaside holiday!

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Camping Best Agers

Camping and glamping under the stars

Totally free in the natural environment, barefoot and in shorts and T-shirt. Deciding on the spur of the moment and just improvising – that’s camping! At our partner Eurocamp over 190 places with safari tents or luxury mobile homes are awaiting you. Discover them now!

Kühe mit Blumen auf dem Kopf Wanderung

Folk festivals, events…

…and special prices for an overnight stay. The Swiss mountains always provide a wonderful stage and backdrop for fantastic mega events. And our holiday facilities are often in the vicinity! Book your holiday home with your loved ones for the next window of opportunity!

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Senioren Paar im Bett

Our short trips: your opportunity

Bank holidays over Christmas and New Year or at Easter, Ascension, Whitsun, Corpus Christi or for 1st May… Treat yourself to a couple of extra days off with friends or relations. You’ll often benefit from very attractive reductions.


Universal holidays Mallorca

Mallorca - the largest island of the Balearic Islands and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. Even "best agers" need a break from everyday life now and then - book a holiday from the Mallorca specialist now.

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How do I book my Reka Holiday?

The simplest is to book via our website directly. The booking system leads you intuitively straight to the offers which suit you best. Then it automatically offers you the best services as extras with your booking. Set up a Reka account in our customer portal, and take advantage of an even simpler booking process.

Can I pay for my Reka Holidays with Reka Money?

Do you have Reka Money or the possibility of drawing discounted Reka Money? Then you’ll profit even more.  You can pay for all bookings entirely with Reka Money (Reka Pay). Do you still have Reka-Checks? Simply transfer these to your digital account and use them as a means of payment there.

Can I expect personal advice?

Of course. Do you have any questions? Our Best Agers’ holiday specialists are there to assist and advise you:
Tel.: +41 31 329 66 99 (Mon–Fri 08.30 – 12.00 / 13.30 – 17.00)

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