Cause We Care

Our participation in the myclimate initiative for climate protection and sustainability


Join us in supporting our climate!


You enjoy your holidays in our unspoilt natural environment, but we realize that it is endangered by the dramatic pace of climate change. Join us to ensure that both your children and grandchildren will be able to share this experience in future.  Here at the Reka, as part of the myclimate’s Cause We Care climate protection initiative, we are actively promoting effective climate protection. Get involved with us too!

How does it work?

When you book your Reka holiday your small voluntary contribution to Cause We Care – one per cent of the booking amount - can have a double impact: we pledge to offset all inevitable CO2 emissions caused by your Reka stay.  You will therefore enoy a climate-neutral holiday and at the same time promote sustainable development, job creation, nature conservation and much more in places where this is particularly necessary.

As a thank-you gesture for your contribution we will invest the same amount in our internal, specially ear-marked sustainability programme and reduce our own CO2 output and energy consumption. In this way we ensure that you will be able to have relaxing and even more climate-friendly and sustainable holidays with us in future.

As a first measure, the window facades at the Reka Holiday Village in Sörenberg were replaced in autumn 2017 in the initial phase. 


The windows of bungalows that have not yet been renovated at the Reka’s Montfaucon Holiday Village will also be replaced in 2019. On the ground floor of the community house, the window front will be completely refurbished and the building’s whole façade is to be insulated. The new windows will be equipped with thermal insulated glazing to meet today’s standards. The indoor swimming pool is also being modernized:  pool technology (water treatment, ventilation system, pools), changing rooms and showers, floors, walls and ceiling will all be refurbished.  Besides ensuring enhanced comfort and security, renovation work will reduce heat loss and consequently CO2 emissions. Potential savings in the energy sector are expected to reach approximately 20%.

I care - When you book one of our offers you can pay an additional 1% of the booking amount as a voluntary “Cause We Care” contribution. This ensures a carbon-neutral product.
    We care – Once you’re involved, we double your contribution and deposit both contributions in our “Cause We Care” fund.
    Using this fund we compensate emissions generated by your holiday with myclimate.  At the same time we invest at home in local climate protection and sustainability measures.
With myclimate “Cause We Care” you are making a double contribution to climate protection: in global climate protection projects and local measures on the Ground.