Energy and Sustainability Strategy 

Clearly defined and measurable Goals


Based on its energy and sustainability strategy set out in 2011, Reka is pursuing the following objectives up until 2021:


1.  Heating energy consumption  is to be reduced by 30 %
2.  Electricity consumption is to be decreased by 20 %
3.  80 % of electric appliances should comply with the lowest energy consumption requirements (A+, A+++)
4.  70 % of fossil heating fuels will be replaced by renewable energy sources
5.  Average water consumption should be reduced by  20 %
6.  80 % of electric current (fossil or nuclear energy) is to be replaced by certified green energy  (water)
7.  Waste is to be rigorously sorted

Status of target achievement at the end of winter 2017/18

The status of remaining objectives can only be ascertained as of 2019 due to technical data-gathering reasons.