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Ecological sustainability

Ecologically-aware building and behaviour


Everybody knows travel drains energy resources and the Reka has long been trying to limit this. It has therefore always chosen to locate its Reka Holiday Villages in areas that are within easy reach by public transport. It has systematically limited its air travel offers and ‘drawn‘ the well-known Reka activities radius around Switzerland.

For a tourist accommodation provider the most significant savings in natural energy resources are naturally to be made in the building and energy spheres. Reka has set itself very strict targets in this respect. It therefore aims to build new facilities according to the SIA’s Energy Efficiency Path, a requirement that has already been met with the two Minergie-standard constructions in Urnäsch and Disentis. The Reka Holiday Villages in Bergün, Montfaucon and Hasliberg are now also committed to using pellets or wood chips instead of fuel oil for heating. In the other existing facilities, energy consumption should drop 30 % by 2021 and the percentage of fossil fuel and non-renewable energy sources used should be reduced by 70 %.

Inaugurated in 2014 with the support of the municipal authorities of Naters, the Reka Holiday Villlage at Blatten-Belalp is needless to say also environmentally sustainable. With its all-embracing energy concept, the holiday facility illustrates how the Confederation’s 2050 energy strategy can be put into practice. This is why the Swiss Federal Office for Energy (SFOE) supported the scheme as a flagship project.  Hybrid solar panels, a geothermal energy store, heat pumps and waste water heat recovery provide renewable energy for the holiday village. Solar energy gained in summer is stored underground as heat energy and can be reused in winter with heat pumps. Till now this technology had never been implemented on such a scale in the Alpine region for a facility of this size and complexity.  The holiday village has thus become self-sufficient and can meet practically all its energy needs. It covers 100 % of its heating requirements and 70 % of its electricity needs with its own production. 

The Holiday Village in Blatten-Belalp is an integral part of the Reka’s energy and sustainability strategy