The Swiss Travel Fund Reka

A brief Portrait

Über uns
As a non-profit organization, the Swiss Travel Fund Reka is one of the most important tourist enterprises in Switzerland. With its Holidays and Money business areas – hence the name Travel Fund - it runs a unique concern which has earned it a high level of credibility both in the business and the tourism environments.


Its leisure money system with the well-known “Reka-Checks” has been regularly expanding for years. With a selection of 1'200 holiday homes, including their Family Holiday Villages, Reka enjoys the position of second provider on the Swiss holiday home market. In addition Reka owns a family holiday hotel, the Parkhotel Brenscino in Brissago, and as of 2019 will be operating the largest Swiss leisure and holiday resort, the Swiss Holiday Park in Morschach. The recent enthusiasm for leisure trends and holiday excitement geared for the family sector has further boosted the “Reka” brand.

Reka as a motor for the Swiss holiday and leisure industry

Some 2 million customers use reduced-price Reka money in Switzerland and pay for railway journeys, concerts, museums, petrol, hotels, cinemas, just a drink and lots more at more than 9,000 acceptance points. At the same time, with its holiday homes and Holiday Villages, Reka scores about 900 000 overnight stays both in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries.

Reka – the cooperative society

Reka can look back for years of experience as a money institute and as a holiday provider. It was founded in 1939 as a non-profit –making cooperative society supported by important Swiss firms, employee associations and tourism organizations. Today the list of some 500 cooperative members reads like a Swiss economy “Best-of”: Coop, Novartis, Roche, Swiss Post, SBB, UBS, Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen group, UNIA, Commercial Union, Hotellerie Suisse and many other important firms and organizations which contribute to Reka’s success. As a non-profit making organization Reka invests its profits in its social tourism goals. It reduces Reka-Checks and holidays for families in its own holiday facilities and offers families with especially low incomes special holiday breaks.