The first Swiss prepaid card for staff catering

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More and more employees eat out. For Swiss companies who wish to counter this trend and subsidize their staff’s meals, Reka has created the first electronic catering card in Switzerland in collaboration with Flughafen Zürich AG and the SV Group. It is efficient, secure and easy to use. Compared to printed luncheon vouchers, the electronic Reka-Lunch-Card represents a quantum leap forward.

The new Reka-Lunch-Card works just like a debit or credit card which processes information via a scanning device. Employees can pay cashless for their snacks and meals to the nearest centime with the Lunch Card. For companies who wish to subsidize staff catering, the Card offers employees a very attractive fringe benefit because it is exempt from social charges and taxes up to an amount of CHF 180.00 per month.

Compared to the old printed form of vouchers, the Reka-Lunch-Card represents a big leap into the future. Electronic and cashless handling is much more efficient, secure and simpler for employees, companies and restaurants. In case of loss, the card can be blocked and replaced whereas lost food vouchers are irretrievable moneywise. Reka’s Director Roger Seifritz: “The newly developed Reka-Lunch-Card is the modern solution for modern companies“.

Advantages of the Reka-Lunch-Card at a glance:
  • The first electronic prepaid card in the staff-catering sphere
  • A catering subsidy free of tax and social charges
  • Wide acceptance by catering companies, hence an extensive choice
  • No loss on change
  • No calculations over the counter
  • Straightforward handling – no need to pick up food vouchers on the spot at specific opening times
  • Open balance can be checked out on the internet or via an app
  • Overview of emoluments
  • Prompt and secure payment