Strategy und Corporate Philosophy

Reka – a non-profit organization


As a cooperative society, Reka has no commitment to shareholders‘ interests. Moreover, it does not distribute corporate dividends and consistently commits itself to pursuing its socially, ecologically and economically sustainable goals.

The central themes and framework conditions of our action are explained in the Reka Model.

In the years to come, Reka will be working within the framework of these guidelines towards the following goals:

Positioning and non-profit-making objectives
  • In its two business fields Reka Money and Reka Holidays, Reka as a non-profit organization wants to enhance its unique profile and clearly stand out from its competitors.
  • The special Reka business model should further develop its financial resources in order to be able to invest them in non-profit activities.
Reka Money products and performance targets
  • Sale of Reka-Checks should further expand as the most popular fringe benefit in Switzerland.
  • Cashless uses of Reka-Checks such as the Reka-Card should be actively boosted in order to further replace the paper cheque.
  • Reka Money’s attraction for customers should grow thanks to an ever-increasing number of redemption possibilities.
  • Reka Holidays product and performance targets should be attained.
  • Reka Holidays must remain the specialist for family holidays as a niche provider.
  • Reka’s position as the most important family holiday supplier in Switzerland should be further cemented.
  • The market leadership in the main holiday homes field of activity should be strengthened and expanded through sustained growth of the Reka Holiday Villages. Reka should also design and offer innovative forms of family holidays and develop in this sphere.
Sustainability goals
  • Reka wants to ensure growth in its core activities with responsible financing models and uphold the equity financing level especially.
  • Achieving its non-profit social tourism goal should also be assured in the strategy period up to 2020.
  • In the framework of its ecological sustainability targets, Reka should constantly improve its management of natural energy resources. It should particularly reduce energy consumption and increasingly use environmentally compatible forms of energy.