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The Swiss Travel Fund (Reka) Cooperative is a strong, modern organization with a non-profit-making social tourism goal. It aims to enable as many families in Switzerland as possible to enjoy holidays and leisure. With its two business spheres, Reka Money and Reka Holidays, it has achieved a unique Swiss product mix

The “Reka-Check“ and its cashless application the "Reka-Card" are the most popular fringe benefits for companies in Switzerland. This is also unique on the international scene. In Reka Holidays business area, Reka is indisputably THE family holiday provider in Switzerland and at the same time the country’s second biggest holiday home supplier. As a non-profit organization Reka offers reduced-price money and holiday services and gives its entire profits back to its customers. This business model is underpinned by close partnership with companies and associations as well as by an extensive network within the Swiss economy.