Give holidays as a gift!

Holidays aren’t something that can be taken for granted for everyone.

The standard of living in Switzerland is one of the highest of Europe and yet, according to the Federal Statistics Office (FSO)*, over half a million people in our country are afflicted by income poverty. Among many other things, this implies that almost 10 % of the population can’t go on holiday. Those affected are primarily single parents and large families.


This is where Reka Holiday Help comes in. It enables financially disadvantaged families to take a week’s holiday in Switzerland. Thanks to the Reka’s support, over 1,000 families will be enjoying „A week’s holiday for CHF 200.-„ in 2018. This holiday assistance is financed by the Reka Money network and donations by many generous benefactors.

Why don’t you help? With a gift of forty francs you can give one child a whole day in a Reka Holiday Village.

* FSO Survey on Income and Living Conditions in Switzerland, 2014

Please help!

By depositing a voluntary financial contribution on our Swiss Post Office account in Berne IBAN: CH73 0900 0000 3001 8570 2 (Reka-Holiday Relief) (CHF 40.– per day of holiday).

Thank you for your generosity!