Redeem Reka Money

How you come into your money

Reka-Card acceptance in your company simplifies administrative procedure for you: no payments – no loss in the post. For dispatch of Reka-Checks, free Reka paying-in slips and valuables envelopes are available.

Reka-Card transactions

  • After successful verification of the PIN and card validity, a transaction is released via the EFT/POS terminal. The terminal links up with PostFinance.
  • PostFinance receives an authorization request from the terminal.
  • According to the verification, the transaction is either authorized or refused.
  • A receipt is printed for the cardholder and the acceptor.
  • Depending on technology used, the transaction is immediately delivered or collected in the terminal and delivered together with other transactions at PostFinance.
  • According to his instructions, the acceptor is notified daily or monthly of transactions. Notification is made either by mail or files (RAF or EGA) that can be electronically received by PostFinance.
  • On the basis of daily registrations by PostFinance, reimbursement of acceptors is made by the Reka..

We will gladly reply to your questions on reimbursement/transactions: Reka, Reka-Card Acceptance Points, Tel. +41 31 329 66 88, E-mail: Bitte teilen Sie uns Kündigungen sowie Adressänderungen umgehend mit.

Delivery of Reka-Checks / Reka Rail

Sort the Checks according to denominations. Put the Checks of same value in a wrapper (available from the Reka free of charge). Please do not use Bostitch or paperclips.
Fill in a special slip (available free from the Reka) for each dispatch and enclose this with the dispatch.

Reka only accepts claims for any losses during transport if the following conditions have been met:

  • Reka-Check dispatches up to CHF 1,000.- are sent by Registered „R“ mail (letters with postal certificate). Postage costs for registered "R" items will be refunded annually, from 6 dispatches a year, at CHF 5.- per item.
    Important: You must absolutely keep the postal receipt. In case of loss report directly to the Reka. Please use Reka dispatch wrappers (free from the Reka).
  • Reka-Check dispatches from CHF 1,010.- to CHF 10,000.- can be delivered to the Post office. As packaging for this means of delivery, please use exclusively the special Reka valuables envelope (freely available from the Reka).
    Important: Absolutely keep the receipt with the dispatch number and the Post Office stamp. These dispatches must not be stamped.
    Please note: Some Swiss Post Offices do not offer these services. You will find your nearest suitable Post Office here.
  • • Reka-Check dispatches from CHF 10,010.- to CHF 80,000.- are sent by SecurePost (Tel. 0848 73 28 73). These dispatches are collected from your domicile and must not be stamped. You may order the corresponding valuables envelopes on SecurePost.
  • Reka-Check dispatches of over CHF 80,000.- must be separated into several dispatches and a separate slip must be completed for each.

Address your dispatches as follows: Reka, Postfach, 3001 Bern.

We will gladly reply to your questions on dispatching: Tel. +41 31 329 66 37,

The reimbursement is less the 3 % redemption commission .