Reka-Card acceptance advantages

Information for acceptance points


Since 2006 Reka payers can also use their personal Reka credit balance to pay with their Reka-Card. This way administrative procedure is simplified. Customers pay with their Reka-Card at your payment terminals. New and especially younger customers will use your services and want to pay by Reka-Card.


Say yes to the Reka-Card!

Reka-Card connection on your terminal

If you would like to accept the Reka-Card as currency, you must have an EP-2 device. For your terminal to recognize the Reka-Card as such, certain modifications need to be made to your terminal by the terminal supplier.

Most commonly used suppliers and terminals:
  • Six Card Solutions AG
  • CCV
  • PaySys AG
  • Innocard
  • Aduno
Modern, approved technology

The Reka-Card meets the latest technological requirements. Payment procedure on your terminal is exactly the same as with a debit card. For the Reka-Card only transactions with online authorization are possible. The customer must therefore key in their PIN. The Reka payment and reduction system remains unchanged with introduction of the Reka-Card.

These are your advantages:
  • Reka Money attracts more customers.
  • Thanks to Reka Money you can indirectly offer your customers a discount (up to 20 %) which gives you a clear advantage over your competitors.
  • Reka Money is easier spent than regular money because it has been bought at a reduced price and is pre-paid.
  • The Reka Money system changes regular money into money earmarked for holidays, travel and leisure.
  • Happy customers keep coming back (even when they don’t have any Reka Money!).
  • We advertise for you! As an acceptance partner you and your company take advantage of Reka’s nation-wide publicity.
Further information on the acceptance of Reka Money.

Registration form /GTC
Fill in a registration form per sales point/branch and take note of the General Business Terms and Conditions GTC .

Send the signed form to : Reka, Postfach, CH-3001 Bern.

Do you still not have a POS-terminal or would you like to acquire a new one?
The above-mentioned suppliers will provide further information. Have you any questions? Questions & Answers on the Reka-Card.

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