Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Uses, discounts, validity and so on


FAQs about Reka-Checks:

What can use I Reka-Checks for?

Reka-Checks are redeemable at some 9,000 redemption points such as e. g. hotels, restaurants, travel agents, Reka Holidays, public transport, event tickets (at SBB-railway stations), museums, mountain railways and ski lifts, leisure parks, sport and fitness centres, circuses, zoos and many more. You’ll find a list of all redemption points in the Reka-Guide.

Where can I buy Reka-Checks?

Over 4,200 forward-looking employers emit Reka Money for their employees as a fringe benefit with an average 20 % discount. It is worthwhile asking your employer for details. Other purchasing sources are associations and trade unions. Supercard holders can buy Reka-Checks with a 3 % discount from customer services desks at larger Coop branches. 

Where can I get which percentage discount?

From many employers, associations and trade unions you can obtain Reka-Checks with up to 20 % discount, and 3 % discount from the Coop.

Which Coop branches sell Reka-Checks?

Supercard holders can get Reka-Checks with a 3 % discount at customer services desks at all larger Coop sales points.

How long are Reka-Checks valid?

Reka-Checks have no expiry date.

Can I also use Reka-Checks to pay for petrol?

Yes, at AVIA, BP and Coop Pronto petrol stations you can pay with Reka-Checks. Reka-Checks and Reka-Cards are machine readable.

Can I use Reka-Checks to pay at dispensers?

Yes, Reka-Checks are machine readable and redeemable at SBB, AVIA, BP et Coop Pronto dispensers and other vending machines.

Can I exchange Reka-Checks for cash?

No, Reka-Checks cannot be exchanged for cash.

What are Reka-Check denominations?

Reka-Checks exist in 50s and 10s.

Can I get change on Reka-Checks?

No, our redemption partners are not obliged to give change in cash.