Error messages at pay terminals

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Have you encountered an error message when paying with your Reka-Card? Here is an overview of possible reasons for these messages.

Card refused / Card unknown / No contact with ACQ/PMS
When one of these message appears a terminal error has occurred. In this case we recommend that the acceptance point get in touch directly with our Acquiring Department (+41 31 329 66 88).
Balance too small   
This message appears when the credit available on your Reka-Card is insufficient to cover the amount due. Please also note that to fill your tank at some self-service filling stations you should have a minimum balance of CHF 150.– on your Reka-Card. You will find all the possibilities of topping up your Reka-Card on
Maximum amount / Amount available  
This message informs you of the credit remaining on your Reka-Card in the Reka Money you have used, after a successful transaction.
Aborted transaction
This message signals that the card was removed too soon from the pay terminal. Please repeat the payment and remove your card only when you see the message „Remove Card“ on the terminal screen.
Please use chip or magnetic strip
This message appears when the NFC (contactless) function is disabled or dysfunctional. Please select contact-based payment (with chip).
Card expired
This appears when the card being used has expired. You should have received a replacement card automatically before expiry of your Reka-Card.
      Reka-Guide: all acceptance points at a glance

You’ll find an up-to-date list of all acceptance points for Reka-Checks, Reka-Cards and Reka-Lunch as well, also exclusive special offers for Reka Money users and exciting trip-tips online in the Reka-Guide .

    Account inquiries with the Reka-Guide App
We are constantly developing our app for you. This is why balance inquiries are not possible up until the beginning of autumn 2017. But to check your balance you can still use or an sms with the mention «Reka Balance» to 880 (CHF 0.20).
      Contactless payment with your new Reka-Card
The Reka-Card now has the NFC function. Purchase transactions amounting to up to CHF 40.– are thus dealt with quickly and simply. A PIN input is not required with contactless payment transactions. For amounts of over CHF 40.– a PIN input is required.

      All in one card: Reka-Check, Reka Rail and Reka-Lunch
All forms of Reka Money are now available on one card, i.e. Reka-Checks, Reka Rail and Reka-Lunch. You simply select the one you require for the payment directly at the terminal.