Contactless payment with your new Reka-Card

Even quicker and easier

Reka-Card   Safe, easy and fast:
try now with the new Reka-Card.

The Reka-Card now has the NFC function. Purchase transactions amounting to up to CHF 40.– are thus dealt with quickly and simply. A PIN input is not required with contactless payment transactions. For amounts of over CHF 40.– a PIN input is required.

See for yourself just how easy and fast it is:

Before the first contactless payment a contact-based transaction using a PIN input is always necessary.


How do I know my card has the contactless payment function?
You will recognize the contactless symbol on the card:

How safe is contactless payment?

Payment using the contactless function is safe for the following reasons:
  • You hold your card securely in your hand throughout the entire payment transaction.
  • Data transfer from the card’s chip to the card reader is only possible when you hold the card directly near the reader.
  • You can only carry out one transaction per contact on the reader device, as the card’s security chip generates a single-time code for each transaction.Multiple usage of this code or incorrect codes are immediately recognized.
  • For amounts of over CHF 40.– you must enter your PIN.

Can I deactivate the contactless payment function?
The contactless function for your Reka-Card cannot be deactivated.